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For the past it makes total sense to me on the flip side is there someone who like you said you think the stars to play the biggest roles but this someone who comes to mind to use not necessarily star someone below that gronk level who you'd say okay we'll monday morning pats one you know let's get the parade going this is the guy who's going to be on that first float because of how he played unexpectedly in the super books i have my pick but i wanna hear what your pick as well okay it's a his name his name would be having and half french for three flowers trae flowers pick my pick infuriates i have no idea we'd be had mind dude creepy frustrating yesterday dominique foxworth on the show he used a stat i was going to put on my com infuriating today have you on i'm like oh trey flowers such an underrated player so great in the playoffs last year had a big role you know you figure they need to pass rush makes total sense that was the guy was going to pull out of the envelope and you beat me to it inferior yet well i mean you know i think you know if you look at the defense like the run defense has you know he's gonna have to do their job because it's going to be tough to stop human you know the guy who makes mike tolbert look like he just thirty j. kyw is wrecking ball or a bowling ball what are you i don't i'm so happy he exists thinks it's in the way he does makes me just just proud that didn't prove email at that's fine he's fine he's i hope you places wait for ten years oh please yeah former fat guy who never got who never got any love by all means i think it's great what he's been able to kick off a couple teams and finding a second life here mostly when girly got all the love in the world i don't even think he's feeling i- something's not right with him either but right you know maybe two weeks will benefit girly as well but the reason why i went with trae flowers is well dante hightower can make a big play here or there i just don't think he's got i don't think he's in quite the position he could i you know maybe have a you know a sack like getting matt ryan and i'm sure devante freeman still one is like now i didn't i check him when he came on that play but trae flowers who had a huge second super bowl fifty one got the only treasures last year in super bowl fifty two on foles you know this is his free agency year and my my thinking is this that with ryan floors probably you know making his way down to be the head coach and miami scenario i'd be happy with trae flowers leaving not happy but i'd be okay with is trey flowers having like seven pressures six hits two and a half sex and one where he just completely blindsided knocks the ball out of gough gone they return for coach now and he's only a sneaky you know brady gets m._v._p. but trae flowers should've want it the same way james white should have won it for super bowl fifty one and then they just in floors just as you know stephen ross i don't care just open the checkbook and say how much do you want trae flowers and you know he'd come after us for years but we'd always say yeah but you completely rob jared goff of seoul for us and for that we will have you forever yeah i mean out of the question you get the big game and he goes to miami i you know i think patriots should resign him certainly i you know i don't think they're gonna franchise him but would be yishun for them aren't keep him around dish in but retention to keep him around but we'll see we'll get to the off season after sunday we still have the super bowl to come but nick if people want to check out more of what you do work when they do that this week i'm actually down in the working for the patriots i'll be making a series of videos for patriots dot com under my patriot superman superfan performing student fifty so i'll be down here you can check out patriots dot com and you can follow for for.

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