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Do it you know. That's the almond. They made a decision anyway. Anyway to change you know so she find that direct deposit heat. Yes she I guess she. She stood up man Georgia's moving forward with a mas- voter purge Monday. Wait do you watch American tournament. I've seen it before. Okay Oh so I don't watch any of those candy. It used to be on AL snowball. Oh that was. My favorite part was woke twitter. Trying to quote Nick Cannon. I'll say y'all Nigga can't be. You can't be mocking Canada when He. y'All mocked him when he made that quote equipped job. I remember that that was funny last year. So good well. He says it seems to have a nickel. Be careful like people were laughing at him like messed up a good job. Why you stupid you know you you could the Black Ryan seacrest jump right? Sued them on Food Gabby days when she was like you know Nick Cannon was on his I what what you're allowed to that Man Hotel Galon water earned Nigga. Don't kill the mine man nod. How did he was telling me? Algae DAK allow Water Komo nick being nick in a while Shit. I was always surprised. He had that. Giles why people must not listen to none of these interviews. He knew none of these interviews does Vlad and all this year because he'd be out here saying wow out. Shed Georgia moving forward with mass voter purge Monday hundred Georgia. Election officials are said to begin a mass purge of inactive active voters From the states red vote voting rolls on Monday and maybe accidentally some active voters to happen. Yeah in days. As Abraham is appealing that cheap. 'cause he's like the fuck you not going to do this right. Here's how in the world so fucked up. It is frustrating frustrating because just listening to the arguments own it makes no fucking since just because because voting is not a fucking holiday here is. It's not a holiday here where you don't get the day off here unless you have the privilege of having a job that allows you to vote is not a national holiday so you happy with a lot of times. The vote count. They're fucking half the work they don't have to also just doesn't make sense logistically because because people aren't voting I mean we're GonNa take them off of the registry and they're literally making no work for you. None is zero arc art to leave. It alone is more work to do what you're doing and I also don't trust that you'll only get rid of. Just happy would have happened to have not voted. I think you're also going to be targeting certain demographics of people we've seen in state since the Voting Rights Act repeal. How many people have a how many states have have literally have Republicans they targeted Black People's votes specifically because they know no one votes at a higher clip for Democrats than black people so they target our votes not not that you should feel pressure to vote? Not she even WanNa vote. If you're black it's OK okay. I'll opinions matter if you want to stay home and take a nap and say it'll be fine in the Moi. Whatever Republicans also just Asia but? Yeah it's interesting that they WANNA cancel about four percent of the state's total registered Mr Voters. Who aren't voting? So we WANNA make work for ourselves. Unnecessary work necessary work. And and I know I might sound crazy but every year I reregistered us to vote. I actually put a piece of paper go online rearrested. Go ahead and send US another motherfucking car. Every got them you just in case. y'All feel light pro Jimmy off the list. I'm put my right back on their beaches. Yeah Yeah so Interesting that It's always interesting to me that they WANNA get us off of the fucking looking valid often oppose and off of the voter The voting list. Right 'cause they so shady you you know you can't vote to you go up dead. Vote like light. They're probably not going to go through the proper channels to let you know that. You have been removed from the list and Abby Abby. Goddamn if I'm going to go I don't I don't trust your provision over. I don't trust that Shit. They said that the voters were mailed notices in November at thirty days to respond in order to keep the registration attack. So even if they did do that It still seems like it's more work for them to do that in the League along. This is the thing that they do they do. They say stuff like this is going to be voter fraud. There is no voter fraud. And when they're in the small cases that we have found voter fraud isn't only Republicans. So this is this Is Interesting I I'm telling Ya man and I just had to you know be that dude against cancelled or whatever. This have uh-huh popular opinion but I'm standing firmly in it. Don't trust these NEGGA. Tell you as black people. It's okay for you to not feel like you WanNa vote and just did not participate. But they don't have your best interest in mind and the reason I know they don't have your best interest in mind is because Republicans have never had our best interest in my and they do you want agree. They will love you to not vote to stay home or not be able to vote. They will love for that. And I I'm telling you this this this lays out there. fucking light flippant attitude about it is. It's not helping is hurting US and I'm willing to lose a friend or relationship over that belief I I have before and I will continue to because at least I'll be able to sleep at night knowing I'll say the right things and I see people swinging back into their life. Will you know this time we really do need to vote. That's where I'm ready to do everything. I'm ready to declare and all supporting support candidates. Now I see I see differ you though I. I'm glad you came back around. And we do. But I'm also happy. Happy to be ready for these malfunctions out of my life because that that let me know that you're not really for the people You're not really for black people. You just like to get the tweets in quotes and than accolades and the pictures but you you know you would never tell some net heart tell somebody essentially to go commit political suicide for I get a little bit more create online. That's ridiculous Camera the rapper. Okay until the cow He apparently was on an interview on a podcast as the real okay and he explained that he gets as an argument over the existence of dinosaurs all the time. I'm not believing disbelieving. There's no proof because they throw these big bones up in a museum and it'd be like Yo. These are the people that were here before he said I'm not necessarily going for that one. He clarifies he's not saying the dinosaurs never exist. December wants more proof where Museum House Air. Nate real the fuck is. Yeah when Museum House Eric. And Jeff Rosenthal countered that the numerous fossils of museums around the world. We're in fact grew he. He remained unconvinced. I'm not going off of museum facts. He said we need a little more proof. And I'm not sure whatever. Prove you could give me archaeologists scientists the whole fucking lies died going down and these pits and who know elsewhere trying to find his bones realized his knees like term machine when we invade the time machine. Jane that'll solve the problem. You know the time machine though back in the past. Drop him off in the Paleozoic era you look like hey here's the good news if they don't exist you'll be fine right you just you just killing back in the BBC. While if I could just have a good term I I don't want to go back. I don't care what you believe in dinosaurs. Gosh sure do. Don't talk about Israel. I'm talking about people that don't believe and they will eat joe as to okay. I'll talk talking about the ones that don't believe we drop them off now because what would they be. DNA people they believe were a flat. y'All going to yeah. Well that's not necessarily a time machine anything we've got to shoot them into space but that's how I wanNA educate them. I don't want him to be. I'm not trying to be mad at. I'll just like light. That's what it's GonNa take because this is one of those people that's like if I see it with my own eyes is my real fifty. CENT CALLS OUT OPRAH WINFREY OVER Russell. Simmons Documentary Says.

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