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The feud between Francis Blair and lowering picturing was demonstrative of a political reality in eighteen forties. America Erica Slavery was tearing the country apart Blair and pickering were both from Missouri. Both were at one point. Democrats but when Missouri Senator Democrat Thomas. Thomas Hart Benton publicly expressed concerns of the expansion of slavery a line was drawn and the two journalists fell on opposite sides. Blair was a slave holder from from Kentucky but over the years his views began to change ultimately he came out against the expansion of slavery in the eighteen forty eight election. Blair abandoned the Democrats and supported. Martin Van Buren and the Anti Slavery Free Soil Party in the late. Eighteen forties members from all parties from all regions of the country. Were beginning to realize that the issue of slavery slavery threatened to rip the country apart at the seams. The task of keeping the country stitch together fell in large part to America's second accidental president. After the death obssessed retailer on July Ninth Eighteen Fifty Millard fillmore became the thirteenth president of the United States. And the Second Vice President in American history to succeed the office. At the time of his inauguration the task before fillmore was daunting to keep the country united fillmore would walk a delicate line to try and forge consensus between two warring warring political factions. This episode seventeen eighteen fifty two bursting at the seams. It's April seventeenth eighteen fifty in the Senate chamber in Washington. DC The issue on the table is the expansion of slavery compromise. Compromise measures are being discussed. But today's political debate has been hijacked by personal feud between democratic. Senator Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri Democratic Senator Henry Stuart Stuart Foote of Mississippi. Benton has a floor gentlemen. This article is a falsehood and holds up a newspaper for all of the Senate to see he points angrily and senator foot direction from across the Chamber Foot tries to maintain his composure. Has Benson bellows. Gentlemen of this chamber is playing fast and loose with the truth in the press. The gentlemen from Mississippi has revised the account of our exchange here this very chamber for months Benton and foot have been at each other's throats exchanging fiery words over the subject of slavery on the Senate Floor Foot is in favor of slavery's expansion. Benton is against it but the political disagreement has turned earn personal among accusations of corruption and treason the two men call each other cowards and now Benton is accusing foot of lying to the press about their feud. This is a wrong report gently. It is a false report and it is a cowardly report. Benton wraps up his diatribe can take the seat seat from across the chamber. Senator Foot rises to defend himself. Why fellow senators to attack? My character is one manner to attack the character of the late. Senator Calhoun who is another senator and former Vice President John. C Calhoun was a champion of slavery from South Carolina and died. Just weeks ago is remains. are still in Washington but that didn't stop Benton from attacking Calhoun and calling him a traitor. An attack on senator. Calhoun is an attack on this entire body in an attack on the southern character as foot makes his argument Benton stares daggers at him days ago Benton said foot a clear message through an intermediary if foot invoked his name on the Senate floor that would help pay as foot continues. His retort Benton watches and waits senator. Calhoun was the father of the Senate indeed the oldest member of the Senate and he deserved more than the disrespectful report given him by Mr Benton the sound of his name Benton snaps he flings. This is chair to the floor and leaps to his feet or has bent. An angrily makes for Mr Foot. Several senators block his path but foot to charges for Benton often bent and climbs onto a nearby table in defiance. He rips open his shirt. Bears is breast and roars. Let him fire stand out of the way and let the assassin fire fire if you will. Another group of senators try their best to restrain foot among them Senator Dickinson of New York Dickinson grabs foot by the collar. stand-down Mr Soot by God. I will not bench and cries out. I'm on arm. If the assassin intensive kill me let him do it for shoves Dickinson often powers through the senators unders and makes his way to the table. Were bandstands the two men lock eyes brief hush falls over the chamber. There's a moment of stillness. Then bent makes a sudden move towards foot foot foot draws a pistol pointed at Benton and pulls back the Hammer Senator Dixon approaches foot cautiously. Put Down The gun senator. I will not boils with rage. Ben's eyes widen with fear Dickinson speaks. No Lo com voice slowly moves towards foot. This is not the way Mr Foot. This this is not the way. Dickinson's voice seems to calm foots range. stand-down foot breaks his gaze with Benton for a split Second mm-hmm Dickinson lifts his hand toward foot gun. Will you hand me your weapon foot. Non Silently gently takes the pistol from his hands as vice president. Fillmore brings the Chamber back to order the senators return to their seats. In Shock Senator Dickinson places foots pistol in his desk drawer and locks it away. Catastrophe has nearly been avoided but the sectional and Interparty conflicts surrounding. The issue of slavery.

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