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It's nine no it's not. It's not knowing what's going on here. Why are these two extremely. Hit some fellows here on my screen today. Bottom line is. I hope people saw it on twitter. We try to get the word out will not bump jump into stuff right away in the first thirty seconds of the show. But we want to explain this. The steelers play this week thursday night earlier days away merely days away from our first action of the twenty twenty one nfl season. We're going to get new data. We're going to find out some stuff about some of these players. The problem is when it comes to the podcast side of everything. We don't want chip you guys out on it on any shows and you're going to get a post game show on thursday so it didn't do any good to do the preview after the game. You got a preview before the game. And that's normally what's on on thursday nights therefore we're bumping everything up. We were gonna could've tried to bump everything one day but it seemed like things weren't gonna work out and it just worked out for our schedule for this week. We could go ahead and bump on up to sunday. We were both available to do it tonight. So rich ally are tonight for this. Gogo show tomorrow night. You're gonna have the hangover again with brian. Tony and shannon. I assume that they're all going to be there. But that's to supposed to be there tuesday night in place of the scarborough show. You're going to have the steelers preview with myself. Jeff hartmann and brian anthony davis and then wednesdays curtain call which i don't think they're. They're getting back to their season. Name yet of know your enemy. I don't know where they're going to change the name exactly. That will still be on wednesday and then on thursday night. You'll get a post game show after the hall of fame game and then we'll continue on with our with tony on friday touchdown under on saturday that next sunday. I don't know if it'll be us again or what it's going to be but you're going to be looking at the same type of schedule because the steelers play the following thursday so you'll have one of the shows on sunday and all four of them leading up to the game so hopefully this didn't catch everybody off guard too much. We did not know about this last tuesday. Did we rich. Because i haven't chance yet. I'm waiting because some people were just getting the notifications on their phone for those of you listening to podcasts. You're like hey which it's here. i'm listening to. That's fine but for those that join us in the live chat on facebook youtube..

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