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Alcohol down your darkest big Mama Lhasa. All y'all okay I'm going to smack the Hennessy after Oh God it must be so good. It must be good Let's see make Retali- Jenner Now we'll pull the pictures after this. This is GonNa take away. My you know about that. Time for my Computer Star moving slow but Make Kelly Jenner looks unrecognizable as. She pays a visit to be F F Stacy's house stacey apparently face veil with three S. T. A. S. S. I. Okay they are France but Nashville like strippers. Okay that's why I respect it So Yeah Kelly. Jenner lasts more. Kelly urge her one hundred seventy one million instagram followers. Holy Shit to stay home health. Latin occur in the fight against Kobe. Nineteen but the cosmetic mogul ignored her own advice. On Sunday she was spotted out in Beverly Hills paying a visit POW Stacey Khurana who loud Khurana Co Lo Lo Stacey K Fresh Phase Callie. Twenty two look almost unrecognizable as. She bared her super smooth complex and warhurst shoulder left natural hair tie back in a candle bun now. I don't know what this could look like because we all know that You know she's a black woman. And this is the youngest one Ryan I think so so. I guess this is Kallie. Lee this colleague on her trip. Wow Yeah because I think I think if she's the a might be taken a wrong one didn't one get Lipton Jackson's. Stop getting them sir. So this is her okay. You see the picture. Yeah that that makes her on the left and gone. Gone to a friend's house this week And that's our all dolled up looking like a black woman. That SOUNDS ABOUT WHITE. Bed does not look like the same fucking person. Yeah that's what she was. Getting them lip injections the not ashish membership that. Oh she she did all the things you can get some memory over some white people remember that Shit. Yeah Wow I remember her doing it and then all of a sudden in she stopped doing it years ago. Her lips basically went back their original state. I hate to say all but this is why they can keep a black man. I say that saying you gotTa Think Travis Scott Falls for the woman on the right way up in the morning with the woman on the left. Of course there's not trying to get married of course kind of witchcraft is happening else. This is a whole white woman in my life. I feel too sorry but I note no thank you everytime again. Tristan Tom Thompson or Blake Griffin. Whatever the fuck. I'm sure. Every every morning they wake up they live roll over. I hate to say it. I hope I don't sound Dick man his down the street. I wouldn't I wouldn't know a thing. Sorry to this man Sorry gone was a circuit glow and tumbling vic glossy locks fan. Fans are used to seeing on instagram colleague. Relax happy and appeared to be enjoying her out. Duty Look despite the lack of contouring ballistic and dramatic shadow. I mean I applaud her for leaving the house. No such brazenness no saying this in this type of savage industries also like Nigga. You look what is happening. Like a lily like a completely different starting double walked out of the house The so was collie she didn't bother with socks and shoes. She hopped in a topical and Mercedes. G Wagon shelter the proper risings hopefully practicing Social distances and I hope they were camped out of these people's House hoping leave the mother. One was photographed wearing the tie. Dyes sweats walking barefoot to a car with a bag of salt and vinegar chips around her own bath. Wow don't get wider net. No shoes on and you drive into a whole other parts. House nigger Quentin Tarantino. Would've come all over the place last month. The Lip Kit Creator was urged by the US surgeon general to US influence people to stay home and help them understand. How serious the corona viruses so. She doesn't do lip injections anymore. But she has a lip kit kit injections or no. I don't remember but yeah that was whole thing. Yeah and she did remember now. I do like video into talking about. Oh she bedside to stop it. That's made all billions of dollars off of it. It would be amazing if she just went back to being a regular white woman and didn't say nothing like this wasn't a one off like if she like she just like. I'm I don't I was just trip for like eight years guys nowadays just blend into whiteness and look like the rest of them like she wouldn't even be like you know like standout no it's my thing like she wouldn't even like she was still be Kylie Jenner but people wouldn't be like Oh my God. I saw recovery. Just go to write like she. Just be like Rumer Willis you know like Oh yes wanted Willis keys girls. Yep So yep. She's telling people to sell quarantine and all that stuff but then she got in the car and snuck off to be at a friends. So I guess she self quarantine for everybody else. But you know. I think Kelly has like some of the strictest lockdown rules so I wonder that's against our she did when I don't know because I know someplace you can't even visit like Michigan United supposed to go see another family like youth need to stay in the house in right they was like we don't know what the fuck is happening and if they wouldn't have where you lock the dough they taint come here. Tiger Kane comic books that to be released in June S sounds interesting. Who MAKING IT Tidal wave productions series of infamous pop culture comic books to be written by Michael Zale illustrated by Joe Paradise. Is He gonna Joe Exotic fucks Joe Paradox? You can't make this done. You can't make this stuff up. I never imagined I'd be researching a book like this. There was a channel on a focus for the comic. Because there's so much happening I just remember starting to watch the show. Say to myself. Yeah that tracks. We all have. Joe's and Carol Allies. No we don't I don't know. Nobody owns the tiger. And as always interesting to me to learn how these extreme characters has got to be where they wound up. Yeah Okay Man. I don't don't think I'll be reading. That is the villain. I'll be that bitch. Carol Baskin. That's what I was thinking. That's going to be the villain. Let's see Ron Perlman. Turns seventy with his new girlfriend by his side at the split from his wife of thirty eight years His wife Fiz white girlfriend. I didn't know that Seventy he went black and went all the way back in a way back way. Back machine shot to the Barbie and so low most people just like well at least she's thirty eight. That's our low bar is y'all we these Hollywood me. We liked his nineteen year old girlfriend. We liked that Somehow Ryan on Yoga. Frey the actor turned seventy on Monday and celebrated the day with a simple walk around Los Angeles neighborhood with his girlfriend. Allison Dunbar as the city remained under lockdown meet the corona virus pandemic. Does he gets that wedding ring. She can't go out there and start getting people cough on permanent Dunbar. Forty seven joined on their walks. Wait forty seven. What is happening? You said she was thirty. Oh she's forty seven. I thought.

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