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That we use to come back to show. Here was criticizing Bill Belichick is the word worst coach ever. And the Tom Brady would have ten Super Bowl rings without him. And like, I told our caller, I I don't agree. But speaking of Tom Brady, he did his pre game and halftime interviews with Jim gray on Westwood One. As part of money, I football coverage and. Yeah. I think that the there. There's always interesting stuff. He does a lot of these interviews with jam. And so they always talk about their game that they just came through. Of course Brady had three touchdown passes along with an interception. But the team have having Philip door set to throw to that was a nice surprise. Rob gronkowski shaking off double coverage. It doesn't really matter. What the Texans throw at him. He was going to catch the ball. Anyway. So there were a lot of things to like about their offense as well. And so he spoke a little bit about that. Also, I thought it was kinda funny to hear his thoughts on Aaron Rodgers. Now, the reason it's funny. I won't tell you until after but Jim gray did ask him about Rogers getting injured and then coming back to play and throw three touchdown passes in this dramatic rally at Lambeau against the Nagas the lions against the bears. You always wanna feel good out there, the reality and football is rarely the case when you take a significant injuries. Some of those things you're playing on them. They just linger over the course of a long period of time and all depending on what the trainers thing. Obviously getting a lot of advice and opinions from people. But I mean, I know everyone in the NFL, I'm sure all the fans are hoping that he avoided anything really serious because he's such a spectacular player and the NFL's much better. When you're watching him play. He could get a lot done on one leg that guy watching him play. He's he's so spectacular. But he's just got. An incredible billion throw and any figure out a way to get the job done the second half. He played a great game their team played really. Well, they're I mean, they're always in it as long as he's in there in the lineup neighbor. They have a great team the great organization, and when he's healthy. They're Barron incredibly tough team to beat. I appreciate what Brady had to say about Rogers making the NFL that much better because I certainly do agree and Brady's one of those guys that makes the NFL that much better that much more entertaining that much more interesting to watch. I it's not just quarterbacks, but certainly the spotlight shines hotter on QB's, and I say this all the time, but they get far more credit than they deserve. And they also absorb far more of the blame. And they get paid handsomely for that. It is a very complicated possession when we spoke to Bruce Arians on the show a couple of weeks ago. He went into all the reasons why it's the most complicated position in sports. And he convinced me, let's be honest. And so as you hear Tom Brady talke about Aaron Rodgers. Playing through that injury. And try to determine if it's it. He's just hurt and he's going to be able to play through the pain or if it's an actual injury. That can get worse realizing that's something that every professional athlete has to deal with. But also the spark that that Aaron brings to the table. Now. Here's the reason why I said, it's funny. I'm sure that he caught a lot of the game on highlights. But he admitted to Jim gray that he went to bed at halftime. So on Sunday night football. It'd been a long day for Tom. Let's be honest. He'd been out under fire, though, the Texas did really get you a whole lot. I'm not sure the Texans touched him at all in the first half. But either way it was obviously a game day for Tom Brady. And he admitted that he had gone to bed before the backers had their rally the second half. Bet he and my grandma Helen both best that rally by Aaron Rodgers and the Packers and the and the excitement and the rock is atmosphere at lambofield, I called my Grammy before Sunday night football, kicked off to see how she was doing and just to tell her thank you for the handwritten note that she sent me last week, and I said to her are you going to watch the Packers game. And she said, of course, are you? I didn't bother to explain to her that I had to that. That's my job. But I said yes, yes, I'm going to watch the game. And I know that when I went to visit field. She was so excited about me being there that she tried to watch the whole game. But she went to bed at halftime. So I would be willing to bet. Most of what I worth that were the game that kicked off at eight twenty eastern, though, seven twenty central times seven twenty Wisconsin time that she probably went to bed at halftime or soon after that and did not see the comeback. So when I when I call her to ask her that'll that'll be kind of funny. Her answer. I know that she generally gets ready for bed around nine thirty her time. And then you know, is is asleep like asleep by ten o'clock. I'm anti she needs her beauty rest and why not at ninety six years old. You should be able to sleep as much as you want. I tell her all the time. That I can't wait to be ninety six because I'll be able to nap in sleep whenever I like whenever it floats my boat. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS sports radio coming up next hour. We will reveal your choice for Monday MVP will also dial up our touchdown Tuesday candidates. They're pretty cool. I love to hear these actually I guess we could do it. Now, if you have it ready if you don't that's fine. But we we'd love to hear the audio from the weekend. And so some of these touchdowns were eventual game winners some of them were just dramatic in their own, right. Some of them were incredible skill and strength. And we call this touchdown Tuesdays. We say see a football weekend. And we look forward. This audio is is the stuff that. Yeah. That dreams are made.

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