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C. rob Kendall rob Kendall show thanks for joining us happy Sunday get ball me on Twitter at robin Kendall before we get to that got a question on social media about the NFL picks with Jason hammer from that Indiana on earlier in the course info gave starting at three o'clock today to rob which games did you take so free air quotes betting advice here right use your own discretion I do have the Texans getting ten at the at the chiefs today I also took the Saint of the of the Seahawks rather getting four and a half at the Packers and then in the national championship game Ellis you giving six against Clemson so there's your there's your pics make make make what you will of it suit trump trump continues to fascinate me and I have made the case on this show and others before that Donald Trump is arguably the most interesting person to ever hold the presidency I've also been the case he's the smartest man to ever hold the presidency and the people scoff at that not laugh and look because he is so centric and kinda goofy sometimes take all that out of the question let's just start for me the intelligence perspective right okay Wharton school business there ain't no dummies the get out of the Wharton school of business that's every bit on that on the level of not greater you know ideally get cetera Yale Harvard Princeton but all these other people got easy is there and during that as I said during a stupid billionaires in this world other dictators and in the case of president trump he's been a billionaire twice he had a billion lost it got it back and he has been smart enough to figure out a way to navigate himself to the presidency of the United States from completely outside the political spectrum he didn't grow up in politics he was in a congressman he wasn't a senator he wasn't a city councilman he literally said I'm smart enough that I will be completely outside of the system and I will easily dispose of fifteen of the greatest Republican politicians in the world made short work of them and then took out the Clinton dynasty and he's the only Republican who could have done that don't kid yourself Ted Cruz Marco Rubio Jeb bush they all would have been easily beaten by Hillary Clinton so I will make the case that Donald Trump is the smartest man emerald presidency also say when you factor in the life he's lived the the business aspect the fact that he you know he's traveled the world is buildings named after him golf courses casinos hotels you factor in the reality television show side of things he's also the most interesting person to ever hold the office of the presidency and with those real life experiences that are completely out of the quote unquote societal norm as we know it in politics you have received a leader who governs differently arguably differently all the way back into Jack's you can make a real case that Andrew Jackson is the most on par president we've had to to Donald Trump and he was so revered in his time that we put it on the twenty dollar bill so that's how that all worked out I mean they look there's a lot of things with Jackson and Hinds eagle maybe not but at his time in what he actually did for the country was so revered they put him on the twenty dollar bill and the Democrats of dinners named after the guy so take take of which will point is nobody knows how to deal with trump still he keeps winning I mean look it's unorthodox and he takes a big long circle sometimes when it might be easier to just walk in a straight line but he keeps winning on various levels and he keeps winning with the American public because he puts things in terms he talks like a normal dude I see Donald Trump would be a blast to watch a ballgame with you know it's always the it's always a stand right who would you most like to have a beer with as someone who has met president trump as someone who's not only interview trumpet then sat and talked with him off air for pretty decent length of time I will tell you he's a fascinating guy the charm the charisma eat like he is a very likeable dude in person separate you know reality television star president Twitter trump trump the guy very interesting very likable guy you just sit there and talk to and he continues to win people over because he talks like a normal person he he is able to relate to people he put things into perspective that the average person goes I get it you know you're right and with a Ron and what and why he did it in the terms of the is the take me out of a brutal terrorist Soleimani who was directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American lives of tens of thousands of lives o'clock across the globe billions upon billions of dollars of economic damage he is able to put it in perspective about why he didn't go to the Democrats about why he said no I don't have to tell you this I'm not going to and here's a little bit of that at a rally in in the Ohio this week take a listen.

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