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So the Maryland board of trustees basically said they cannot hire or fire football coaches, but what they can do is hire or fire the athletic director and the president of the university. And basically what they said without saying it was we want DJ Durkan and you're going to hire him back. If you don't hire him back. We will fire you and the find an interim person who will hire him back. So either way you either keep your job keep this guy. Who's guy created a culture? Make no mistake. He was a coach in Michigan. And it's not it's not a positive thing that he was denounce of coordinator. They got rid of him here. He left maybe to go take this job. But they were better off for it better way better off for it. And you see that that they created a culture of hazing and demeaning their students, and they weren't hang attention to the health of one of their student athletes, and he died he died this year in the family of that student athlete is so angered by this decision to retain DJ Durkan and bring back the reason it pisses me off is that, you know, Maryland got it right at the beginning when the president low L O H is Dr low came out and said, we this is our fault. We made a misleading we take responsibility for this. Like, this should not have happened on our watch. This should not have happened our university. This coach is being put on he's being investigated right now. So he's off the field. And I think the president felt like the investigation is going to show that this guy didn't take the care. He needed and created a culture in which students and athletes student athletes unsafe on safe could not speak. Or else they would a lost their spot at the school and with a lost their spot on the team. And he created where we're football was above everything else. This is why Joe paternal gotten trouble this. This. Trouble. But wasn't trouble in Ohio State. Got it wrong by only slapping him on the wrist for a couple of games. And then he acted upset like that even happened. Yeah. And so d j Durkan comes back if you are DJ Durkan, and you are going around in recruiting people walking into people's living rooms, how do you with a straight face say, I'm gonna take care of your kid while your kid's not here, you let one die on your watch. Because you created the culture if I'm every other coach, I'm like, I would literally walk in, you know, Maryland just came into recruit that kid I would walk in with a life size memorial of the kid that they killed and we're not saying that lightly. I'm saying you killed this kid. You allowed him to die on your watch. And put them through something that he didn't need to be put through. I understand football is difficult sport. I understand today's are difficult, but you need to have it's a different world. We look at concussions differently in football, you if you get hit in your bell gets wrong, you come out and there. A whole protocol to go through. Why the I look at how the Ivy league has changed the way that they practice. No, no helmets. No helmets. No full, Pat o' contact person to person you're only hitting tackling dummies moving tackling dummies, and those are that's the way that you get your hits in in practice. They're still running their plays. They're still competitive within their league. Obviously, they're not competitive on the level of like an Alabama or an SEC team. But they're competitive with his. How to play football. No they've removed the danger of concussed hits that happened in practice. What they're saying. Is we understand that things have to change DJ Dirk has gone back to a time where you could Hayes the shit out of your player and watch one of them die and he did. And now he's back and got. Got a board of trustees were like what they're saying is we place winning above the safety of our. And by the way, it's not only DJ Durkan is Nick Sabin. No. But he had some good recruiting windy as turning the program around in. And it was run by the way without him there. They've won five games..

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