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Michael Malone extension music came down yesterday well I mean how do you not right you you look at the way he's trending here ever since you got here it's because it's always nice to know you have a job with your future big in any field in any field but when you're the only team in the league in every year you've been here to improve your record right yeah absolutely first three to four Josh's open in he only scored three points against Portland is one of five shooting the last two games he is one of twelve from downtown second free throws good advantage of all marinas are now nineteen sixty here's Jamal Murray up the right sideline bounce pass over to Gary here some high right side there's homes a basketball this right hand bounce pass over the office he just crushes right in on a lot of real good but he got filed they could seriously run that players are going to have to double if New Orleans is gonna leave Jackson Hayes on the joker that's going to be feeding friend right all night in joke of the free throw line you'll get a couple of them here for December the Khalil pitch coming off of a another triple double against Phoenix twenty two twelve and ten did that in thirty one minutes free to number one forms on this afternoon he had a season high in three pointers has made at least one three pointer in ten straight games six triple double of the year thirty fourth of his career eight in thirty one or fewer minutes you people talk about people talk about is triple doubles and deservedly so but let's not forget that for one jokers not a stats.

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