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Ever in that part of Florida and brought nearly an eight foot storm surge that's an area and Appalachia cola. That's at the heart Florida's oyster industry. NPR's? Greg Allen visited the area and filed. This report Appalachia coal is a small city just a few thousand people, but it's tight knit and self reliance. On Friday two days after the storm. Makeshift restaurant was in full swing on a downtown street handing out meals hamburgers. Sausages, chicken, MAC and cheese. Lindsey shepherd says people in restaurants in town donated food we just decided yesterday to not sit around and get depressed, but none of eight and hit a little sunshine in the community Faye Johnson. Who's lived here? Fourteen years says Appalachia coal is community that takes care of itself. Look around. She said, you don't see one city official or county official here. The people here we are community of individualist and people who survive on the edge of everything here. We're a hundred miles from anything. And that's why we're here. We like it. It's a lovely wonderful Tam, but people have to get here after hurricane. Michael accessibility. Was a problem. The storm surge washed out entire sections of the main coastal road highway ninety eight it also temporarily forced the closure of a bridge that links Appalachia coal with its neighbor east point. Now, the bridge is reopened in this and other coastal communities mandatory evacuations were ordered but many decided to stay Anthony. Walker lives just across highway ninety eight from the bay. So he stayed with friends a few blocks inland, and he came to check on his place. He was surrounded by water. I had to wait in to the front door and see if there's still water inland. There was. My cats was in there swimming around. I I didn't think it was going to come up this habit. If it happens again. Fairlane? When he began cleaning up Walker said there were crabs in his house, a friend found a snake. Hermel Melander was cleaning up her yard yesterday. Burning positive limbs twigs and leaves left by the storm. She works as a nine one one police dispatcher as the storm raged in the flood waters began rising, she says she took a number of calls from people asking for help. Just you know, you took your life in your own hands. I know it sounds mean and cruel, but when we mandatory evacuation we do for a reason, and we're not gonna put our guy's lives on line. Decided to say and put your own life in danger. Fortunately, Melander says there weren't any casualties from the storm in east point or Appalachia cola. Although the people are okay. Many businesses aren't. At Linz quality oysters owner Lin MARTINI yesterday was sweeping out mud. Trying to clean up after a hurricane again. When the water came up about three foot inside the building. It busted a wall miss side. So the water came in that way, Martinez business a retail seafood.

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