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Jerry and you had a pair story of the D N. J Diagnostic Center and Seafood. Jeff Alon, New York transmission Group in Queens. Nichol Moxon, uh, buying and selling expert in car producer radio expert. Called guy all around. Nice guy and Rob it, Erskine. Linked to the British Empire with the best advice from Europe every week. Call this with all your questions at 88869272348886927234. We don't care what your question is, will take any questions or comments. On anything we discussed today when previous weeks 8886927234 or email us at auto lab radio at gmail dot com. Right now we're going to change things up from usual routine. Normally we have rust rater on at this time. Rest is going to hold on for a little while, while we hear from Robert Erskine with his driving tips. Rob it. I know you have an interesting driving tip for us today. And other than the fact that you drive on the wrong side of the road. I never disagree with you, but I think I'm going to disagree with you attempt this week. So tell us what it is. He's a licensed instructor, Mike he's got licensed to drive on the wrong side of the street. He's He's assertive. He's certifiable, Mike. Yes, he is. My wife is concerned, identifiable. But if after we have Robert step, we're gonna have to take a little survey and see how many people agree with Robert. And how many agree with me. So we're gonna see Go ahead, Robert. Okay, well, First of all, we're going to be looking very briefly at this week's advanced driving safety tip, which is how to hold the steering wheel. But before I do that, I'm just quickly going toe just outline what his advanced driving. It's very simple. It's about improving your driving ability. Your safety and that of other road users depends on your awareness of what is happening around you. Your ability to control the position and speed of your.

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