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The middle of that small little tents position right in front of windsor castle appear to be having a conversation fascinating stuff in the history of our country they do things that are happening this president's on a whirlwind tour of europe really started in brussels belgium now he's in the uk is going to be on his way to help hill stinky finland at some point absolutely fascinating to you have you have the the upcoming meeting meeting with putin the scheduled for monday yeah lots lots lots happening so we're still waiting for that report if if if it breaks during the news we'll probably break out of that and go to the lab reporting i see lesser wholesale reporting from london on the story so this these are all the all the reporters talking at once now before rod rosenstein and i don't know if you remember or not but deputies he rosenstein when he announced these before did he take questions i don't remember if you did or not don't believe so because there's rows of chairs for for the press at down yeah it's not just him with with a microphone and a podium so we're waiting for that to happen just some exciting stuff this may affect an impact our friday forum we'll figure that out as time permits but we have to get two great guests today evans samples longtime pr guy in milwaukee and from the state representative rob hutton from the assembly and plenty to talk about and if this story is significant loss will certainly start with that question what it means for the country we should reunited mean step on you there steve but we should i mean this is confirmed that what happens with rod rosenstein is special counsel related i mean eat is we know so just because of filing has been made at the court there so we do know that eds indictment related in some fashion that doesn't mean anything dramatic necessarily as pertaining to the president or anything but we do know that it is indictment related and the scene is dramatic two things are happening one reporters waiting for that press conference start to the queen and her husband standing in a little tent waiting for the president to show up is that delay related to this announcement by deputy ag rob rosenstein that is a big question we don't know the answer to that yet but we're going to carry that information if it's worthy and i'm pretty sure it's going to be we will take that news conference when it begins to happen fifteen minutes yeah why don't we do this why don't we go go to the break we will dip into that coverage deputy ag rod rosenstein set to make an announcement on on a grand jury indictment will carry that live for you right here on wtmj good morning wisconsin noakes pretty with you on this friday friday the thirteenth i might add there's a breaking news story in nbc news reporting the twelve russian intelligence officers are being indicted for the two thousand sixteen hack of the dnc so that that is what appears to be what ag deputy ag rod rosenstein is gonna talk about is regarding robert muller indictment that we knew was coming today we knew another indictment had been coming down and yeah deals with russian nationals this time twelve russian intelligence officers indicted for the dnc hack that we all remember back from twenty sixteen and as that's happening the president is currently at windsor castle on the outside of windsor castle with the first lady the queen of england they are walking around that area you wondered what was happening here because the president was laid attending to the queen and of course this news conference was delayed you wondered if there was some kind of connection between the two if the white house was waiting to see what the indictment was before leading the president meet with the queen it's it's possible that the two were tied together the details are emerging we will go to that press conference with a deputy ag rod rosenstein as soon as it happens but let's do this every friday linda clock of course he friday forum to different people from different walks of life is no different he's been here before evans apples good morning sir morning good to be here and also for a first timer and i met him the other day said you'd be a great guest on the friday forum state representative rob hutton good morning as well thanks for having me absolutely so so ever you know the routine we run through the things that are happening.

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