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I'm Pam sale. Fox news. Democrats don't want to wait for the full Russia report. They want it to his day a deadline attorney general William bar has said he can't meet the parents William bar believes that he can take his time and redecked the three or four hundred page report from Bob Muller. I think it's long overdue for him to apply to court to get a waiver when it comes to grand jury information and then to produce this report in its entirety. Senator dick Durbin on ABC's this week. Senate Republican Lindsey Graham also wants the public to see the report I want to protect ranger testimony protect classified information, but I want the public to see the underlying document. This has been a cloud over President Trump for ten years at cloud has been removed. Senator Graham speaking to FOX's Maria Puerto Romo former vice president Joe Biden is out with a new statement following allegations he inappropriately kissed a state lawmaker in Nevada on the back of her head in two thousand fourteen. Teen Biden who is considering a run for president in twenty twenty says he doesn't believe he ever acted inappropriately toward women. But will listen respectfully who suggestions he did the alleged conduct criticized by counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway show, Biden has a big problem here because he calls it affection handshakes his party calls. It completely inappropriate. Conway tells Fox News Sunday vitamin should consider apologizing to Lucy. Florez police in South Carolina, say a simple mistake may have caused a college student her life. We believe that she simply mistakenly got into this particular car thinking it was a new Garad Columbia police chief William Holbrook, the body of Samantha Joseph, sandy university of South Carolina. Student was found Friday after she was seen getting into a black sedan Nathaniel Roland was arrested after police recognized the car.

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