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There's much pointing in the opposite new in. No I guess the biggest threat would be you know we. We had a hundred years of economic and monetary policy prosperity to wear that all all the government's wrecking right and all of the central banks were acting right right but that seems very unlikely. Oh yeah does they're trying to. I don't know it seems like it's just a long road. Go from where we went to where we are now. And it's GonNa be crazier to see the mania when this thing touch twenty thousand again here in the next few years if you are. I can't believe it because not dead. So I don't know is just I. I can't imagine being in your shoes news and still holding it together for being this right. I guess that's what it is. Well I mean for me. Bitcoin is just a huge validation for libertarian philosophy. So that's kind of why I'm so so thrilled about it. And then you know the the new markets that it opens up the new business models making micro transactions actually actually possible. That's been a huge dream for a lot of people for a very long time. That's what really excites me. More than just the price going up a banking the under banks. I think people are still trying to do that. since you are looking at Hey payday loan people. That can't have a checking account. They get preyed upon quite a bit if you gotta go to check cashing place. The fees are ridiculous. If you you start getting payday loans the fees ridiculous. The interest rates are should be criminal I don't understand why they're not that it makes it puts you in a worse position than you were before hand. said there's no way could pave the original loans because it was so much unless you're really in a circumstance where it's the one off scenario of all. I'm actually going to have the money. I need to pay his back soon. Instead of I have no other options as the only thing I can do and I'm not going to have options for the future so I'm just going to be debt or make my life worse. Technology Ruin your credit so now you can never ever get a house you're stuck renting forever and that's just the. US Go ahead to now. Now I was gonNA find a question but now saying the. US like like we're all we have things going pretty well in terms of financial services within the US. It could be much better for sure. But there's a tremendous amount of places around the world. Since bitcoin is not jurisdictional that could potentially help. People will live their lives in a much more stable way or have access the services that they couldn't have access to to build businesses on a global scale. That all the stuff really really offers up. I think that's one of the main reasons. Why is that? It allows people to potentially pursue lives that they never would have been able to pursue beforehand and just based on being able to use his technology. Like it's it's a agree one of those things like imagine like your coder and some rural underprivileged area. There's no local market kit for you at all and if if you have access the Internet you may not have be able to get a bank account or any of the associated things so that people can why are you money or pay you appropriately but you can certainly provide services across the world just could never get paid for those services in any way that's useful to you but with with with crypto currencies. It's very easy to set up shop. Get paid in those currencies and make a substantial living with Relative to your local community and then give give back to the community with that their wealth or just provide for yourself and your family. Yeah definitely and there's services like Mechanical Turk where it's not not even really that technical is just if you use a computer and you can transcribe some stuff or follow basement strikes on you make money. Yeah Yep Mechanical Turk Turk now would onslaught of people you pay you. Pay Them to do simple tasks on the Internet and they will do simple tasks Internet for very large very small amounts of money in gist. Would counselors is a simple task. Fill out the survey I'd imagine they'd been employed to send emails or like certain types of comments or for I know one thing. It was a video imaging processing company that when the AI it was below a certain threshold they would send it to a mechanical Turk. So that for instance like they could the person the number thirty three on this picture von instead of dealing with what the I A confidence interval was so if it was below a certain threshold. Couldn't quite figure it out you would think batch to be kept Pushed it and then the result of go back to the end user wanting to know what number was in this picture. It's it's an unending amount of things you can do with Mega Turk because it's just people on computers doing whatever you ask them to. Can you fix we compete. Lets you okay. I don't think so I'm not planning anything I just. I wanted to know. What what are you asking that question for equality talk get fixed wikipedia pages or is that me? I don't mean fix says unlike a wikipedia pages broken fixes in like Vegas style. There's several things I need history to know forever. That's all I don't know where you're going with that one. I need history to know that Kim Kardashian is a porn star. I need to know things even back in that horse for out L.. Now it's been almost going on two decades damage. There's lots of things I need is to read the no and I wanna just make sure what pedia stay. Stay the way I needed to stay all then. Why don't you go on that adventure and come back and tell us how that works out? Go I'M GONNA make my life's work now. I got a question for you. How did you find us at? Why did you decide to join because you spend you? Spent a decent amount of time in the slack contributing Guy Quality content to us and we definitely appreciate that. I would like to make sure that people though that it's a place people can't go to ask questions. Russians learn more and talk with other types of people. Like how did you. What made you decide to join? Ah Being on slack is probably the number one thing because I'm already on slack for work and and and other stuff so it was just one more channel to add. It's pretty easy. DISCHORD is kind of the same way for me. I hang out in a couple of different dischord channels But what really attracted me to. The conversation was just how knowledgeable eligible everyone is in that channel and how open you are to the talking to New People and trying to educate people in the space It's twitter under can be pretty toxic so I try to avoid that stuff and in general I I've really kept a low profile and I'm Kinda only coming out in the open. Just because as of the Mice Association with Sixteen Thirty Eight digital. It's you know it's in my interest now to the tell people my history whereas I was I could have been comfortable just staying on other radar Dr Indefinitely so this is really the first incentive to kind of you know shout out to the world. Hey I I once had a bunch of Bitcoin You know please please don't kidnap me once. I once had a bunch of bitcoin. Once they're a lesson in a boating accident there. We definitely appreciate the conversation you bring to the table. And and how non-inflammatory the conversations that's getting people to see like what it was like like back in the day and how it's changed and reasonable dialogue on where things can go how they work and so on and so forth is always welcome. Thanks thanks for bringing that as long as you don't go into that politics in there. I WANNA moderate right. You would have moderated politics show. I've muted. I don't even. I don't even participate in that channel. It's just I I think yeah. I went in there for or day and I was like yeah. I can't do that every day. I can't I can't stay away from it But yeah thanks for joining in the slag man is. It's a you're definitely helping out there and like you said if you're listening to this right now pool over your car please get a car accident. Join the Slack Channel Join the conversation. There's lots of really knowledgeable people in there from like wide like so many different disciplines winds on we all just Kinda come kicking in talk about all kinds of stuff so and more questions Richard It's what sells about anything you want. Shell tell us about sixteen thirty eight digital joining. Tell people like where to go. What's new things like that sure? Yeah sixteen thirty eight digital. It's the Blockchain Fund it's a two twenty fund to the management fee and twenty is the incentive. NFC So if we make your money then we keep twenty percent of that and We are partnered with Jim. And I and KRAKEN FOR CUSTODY Warren Everett for counting Trident. Trust for Legal compliance It's a it's a really great group of Local People that I've known for many years They they already had a previous fund that they made about four hundred percent for their investments Investors in a and that was really good timing mainly they got in around two thousand and then got out somewhere in November twenty eighteen and The they already had everything in place except for the technical stuff so they have the portfolio manager. They have the business the Steph Guy. They just really needed the technical stuff to help them evaluate coins other than Bitcoin. So that's where I come in and I try to help figure out how to these. Tokens Tokens accrue value. Which one of them make sense in? which ones are the scams? That's not an easy job because there's a lot of them now. Maybe not I take that back. It's pretty easy to spot things that aren't going to work very well or teamed can't provide it. Yeah I'd give him give him the trademark. All right man Do you you need anymore. no kidding intimidators less Can you describe bitcoin digital money Scottish. I'd say over time the ability of people to condense what Bitcoin is into a very few words has gotten way better way better. I remember we first question like we got like paragraphs paragraphs like no one could ever do it. It was impossible for anyone to say anything that was coherent in less than thirty words at now. Everyone's like it's digital money. What would you say? That's a good guess we're coalescing we're coalescing around a narrative as opposed to like whatever people see a future. I don't now yeah I look forward to the day where You know I go up and talk to someone and I'm like Oh you're using bitcoin. I love Bitcoin in there. Like Jeff I like money to like money. They're they just like what's the big deal. There's no dollar clubs. Yeah I guess that would be like when you're talking about. It's your kids so one day you'll like around before there wasn't bitcoin like around four money. What are you talking about GRANDPA? Shut the fuck up. It's very huma a semi. That's exactly what pasta to me. He was like why are you so crazy about money is just money and I was like not shut up old man the conversation it all right. Well thanks for stopping by. Thanks for Cotinine the hang out and slack and And Good Luck. You guys are. Knock everything at a ballpark with you. Know how much experience it sounds like you guys are working with and you a specific perfect experience in the industry I think now especially is feeling like a really good time. So Yeah yeah thanks Dan Aw and..

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