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Thanks for joining us. President Trump apparently ignoring for now house speaker Nancy Pelosi's suggestion to delay his state of the union address in a letter to Trump Pelosi said, the annual speech should be delayed. Until after the partial government shutdown is resolved one of the president's top Republican allies is asking him to reconsider his plant exit from Syria after a deadly suicide bomb attack there today. South Carolina, Senator Lindsey Graham said he hopes Trump will look long and hard at what we're doing there. At least four US troops have been killed in the US patrol city Bj. Komo news time eleven sixteen. I believe it is vitally important that special counsel be allowed to complete his investigation that is attorney general nominee William Barr yesterday responding to one of the myriad of issues on the forefront of people's minds like whether or not he was going to allow Robert Muller to complete his investigation into the Russia probe if he is confirmed with me on the KOMO Newsline. Lana Zak ABC news. Correspondent on Capitol Hill. Good afternoon. Lana. Your time at least listening to his answers yesterday. What did we glean from what he said, and how it may or may not align with the president's views? Well, the the big headline here at the capitol were really dead barge. Said that he didn't believe that Robert Muller. The person is heading up a special investigation would engage in a witch hunt that the direct departure from what we have heard so often coming from the president. He also said that he has a strong personal relationship with Robert Muller and believed him to be a person of integrity. And that if the president had ordered him to fire Muller without causing that he would not do. So so in many ways, he checked off all those boxes that that Republicans and Democrats were looking forward to see that the attorney general would in fact, be a person independent of the president and and able to fulfill their duties and bar having that obligation as holding as the holder of the office during the first Bush administration. I think had an a certain advantage in coming to the table. What about the democratic response thus far their confirmation hearings continue here in just about twelve minutes? But what what soda vibe did you pick up from the Democrats yet? Today with regard to his responses. Nary positive Senator Dianne Feinstein, issuing a statement, of course, one of the areas in which there was more of a departure between Democrats, and and William Barr with over the issue of the the southern border in that bar said that he was supportive of the president's plans in sort of a general sense saying that that that the border having some sort of border barrier is impacted effective in stemming drugs that are trying to come across the border illegally, and and saying that inserting places along the border that that was necessary. He when he was short of exactly what the president has has claimed when it comes to the border wall. But but in many ways seem to be aligning himself, theoretically at least with the president is switch gears here real quick lineup. The speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi has asked the president to consider his upcoming state of the union address, postponing that until the governor. Shutdown has been resolved. What's the story there? Nancy big news here, Tom she sent a letter to the president just a little bit ago asking that he he works together with her to determine another suitable date as long as the US government is is shutdown saying that since most of the US secret service and the department of homeland security has not been funded during the shutdown and citing the enormous security operation that is the state of the union address. And I've seen that personally over the course of several states of the unions here that that it isn't really it isn't really feasible for them to to do this. She suggested that the president didn't want to reschedule it or opening the government that she would accept the state of the union, however in writing which is how to be done. All right. That's ABC's. Lana Zak with me on KOMO news. Komo news time eleven twenty propel insurance business update types of federal employees furloughed by the partial government shutdown are speaking out against the impasse. That has them sitting at home. Maybe it's true that in.

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