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Your memories of your father. That's a Costco lime beer cans. Anyway, I bought head to by huskies. Once I'd never worn out of the house. Go serious, husky. Green. They were green. Speaking of sponsors. We're going be I want to get to rod Steinbach sponsor the program. We're going to be able to spend more time with rod John Jack with you for about nonsense. We have a sponsor a national sponsor. Called called a rap USA rapid. They put decorations on cars, just exactly the heart. They have they've got through through USA rapid met ST wrap. So we did a trade out with them. So anybody wants her car, wrapped should take a look at Sally's. Hey, I'm a rapper sometimes Ramona Ono, okay, anyway, so but we're gonna I want to send a crew down there. You should see how this is done. How do they do that? It is an exercise in frustration emerging one where they put a panel on upside down like they don't do that. But here's the thing on. And then they get this thing on this. Comes over this. It moves around. Oh, hell, yes. Breath all theon with soapy water. And then all of a sudden a heated up and the head of my car looks like it was just painted. I want to go down there. Yeah. I got. I got that laundering color. What? Yes. So we saw you slap one on your car. I wanted to do it. I wanted to do it to to show you guys it's like a new paint job. Right. So if you want a new paint job, totally on your Arbia nineteen sixty five Leafs on pickup. We can pimping that pimple that sizzle Swizzle. I will donate my car..

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