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Or, four more homes in flames fire. Officials say the fire. Tripled in size jumped the Sacramento river, it, now, covers forty five square miles told me about six percent contained Cal fire's Chris Anthony it's going to be critical and. Rapid rates of. Spread we still have resources protecting homes and communities that will continue to be, our number one priority Bulldozer operator was killed. By the flames CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez, WTMJ news. Time seven thirty two from the WTMJ breaking news center the city of Milwaukee continues. To mourn the loss of one of its police officers today's TM for Sean Gallagher has the, latest he was a husband father of three and devoted, to his face. Officer Hall skis pastor says he was. Very active, in the church, now the suspected of killing him is thirty year old. Jonathan Copeland he was wanted on a parole violation for heroin possession, and domestic violence not the memorial outside of Milwaukee police departments headquarters is growing. A lot of flowers and balloons on this cruiser here being also flags, at half staff across the state until the end of his funeral. Those plans, are being made right now my, husky was shutting killed. On Milwaukee's north side. Wednesday evening he and his team were trying to arrest a wanted, felon, when he was shot the officer was also recognized for. His excellence on the job twice in just the last year getting married awards for his work On the robbery task force that group helped curve a and carjackings and. Auto thefts most recently officer Mahal ski was a member of the Milwaukee police department. Special investigations unit rocky bucks basketball from here. On out will be played in the Pfizer forum the Brookefield base financial tech firm announcing announced rather as the naming rights sponsor for. The new downtown facility which opens August twenty six bucks. President Peter. Fagin telling Wisconsin's afternoon news the deal is cyber relief I really don't, think I'll ever be involved in. A deal. Like this great this monumental kind of kind of really capping off and branding this building that were so excited about no financial terms of the twenty five. Year agreement or being disclosed a local. Brewery on the move good city brewing company which, is currently. Headquartered and has their taproom on Milwaukee's east side now moving its administrative offices to. Milwaukee's century city building your thirty first and capital goods city co owner Dan cat.

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