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Matter is on in in our Sam Sam base here and he is pro elephants and there was a wonderful on. This is why love facebook. Because I've seen more wonderful videos with animals with people and humor and everything and there was one and it just made me cry actually because there was an older elephant and the mother had died and this other elephant came and they they were both crying and they see you could see and it was like wow I mean this is what that's the humanity that story and the militate. Whatever you WANNA call it. That is the humanity. The Story of the elephant group that came in traveled a thousand miles because the person who founded the reservation that they were living on died and they knew it and they can talk for miles mind. What Avid Chapter in this book? By the way call the Dumbo fact. Talk about elephants right. Now there's a story for you sure you WanNa talk about something interesting. You know Dumbo. This beloved I loved it one of my all time favorite. Disney classics Dumbo. But if you look at what? Dumbo is about few look at the humiliation. If you look at the racism by the way you know and the discrimination I won't go through the whole story but I love read it anyway. Let's see it's great shop? Dumbo effects you talk about elephants. So yeah so. In mindful psychology. We try to incorporate all of that. We try to incorporate spirituality in graduate school. I was told the two things. You can't talk about talk about politics. Don't talk about religion. Give me a break. You know worry. Tally is not reliable. That's spirituality is not religion. How could you not really explore? What a person's orientation to spirituality is about it doesn't matter feud NAS TAPER ATHEIST. It's a relevant relevant. Is that the nature of the relationship that somebody maintains with that and that higher frequency that is beyond the physical being. Let's let's talk about conscious that come from exactly I can't Elaine. Nobody knows where it comes from. But I stayed still comes from the yourself. The Higher Beam God's universe with whatever you WANNA call it. I like to think about it as if we're one large human and tenor ten. That's right wages. Paulin in that consciousness. No different than your TV set is pulling those images. Everyone of US. Open to what we are to be open to out. That's right too and there again. That's where that gift comes through to us. When you're open to that spiritual being that you are and that I am and my crew. My Wonderful Dream Team are the we all have that. Every one of us has a miracle I like when you talk about openness because I like to think about it look either. GonNa live in love. Or you're GONNA LIVE IN FEAR. Either you're gonNA live in an expensive environment emotionally or you can live in a contracting environment emotionally and you can change your life. You know thinking about one of these guys. Absolute one thought can change. You can walk around right after this interview right after you watch this and you can say to yourself with this contracting experience. I had was this an expansive experience. Just and of course expansive means that involves love and connection and positively contraction is about anger. Fear you can feel it can feel simply. Hold your fist like this and yell. No it see how it feels. Yeah and I you know when opening I got involved. Twenty five plus years ago With a church I won't name it but You know and the mindfulness that I got. That's when I learned. I remember walking through my house and I was started. Say think a negative thought and I screamed out stop because I stopped myself right then I that was became. My habitual thing is because you've you. It takes the mental awareness and discipline commitment as you say to change that and you can. Anybody can do it. Anybody everybody can do it. I talk about stopping the book. F Stop.

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