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Pg's made a pledge and is trying to figure out the adia get to that goal Debbie p p Group has made a pledge and got a bunch of brands to sign up to their pledge and again how do you get to that goal. And you know you're facing. There's an urgency to it because brand have an urgency and brand dr the driver and we've seen the big announcement from and in you know unilever and all these brands stepping up in my experience. I think my teams experience has been mad. People definitely wanna meet. We are definitely getting meetings. We definitely You know guide for the opportunity to tell our story You know the going to be what's going to change right. There has to something has to change in order for those percentages to happen right. That's not going to be knowing that. Oh you know what we're gonna spend five percent more in. It's going to be this. It's five percents existing span in so gotta change right either. Something that the agencies feel they do themselves or they've got to work with content to give them the ability to receive more in spend more such as the way that add exchanger went into events years ago. Got to find ways to increase that partnership What we are seeing. There is some confusion on the agency side between Minority owned media companies such as essence ebony and minority on tack enable companies The a recent digital or or newbies others. I think that's important noord might already on companies that are key enablers like a you know You know solve group which is a great honour for publishers and agencies like in a at the at the forefront of innovation so i could name a bunch of companies like that but i think that You know there's still some confusion on that side. And i think the thing that i think people need to be aware of it sometimes in the name of doing these things I think with good intentions people are doing racist things so for example if my white collie goes to a meeting i want to tell him to go meet with a multicultural group but with that same team call. You have to meet with the multicultural. This zoom obviously and. It's a thing but people aren't aware that they're doing those things and also in the name of doing good things. You know a major car company recently told you know all minority companies to stop meeting with them in person submit their ideas to the portal. Which i don't think white people are aware of. It was the same as telling all asian and hispanic people go to the back door. Yeah no that's so. Inappropriate could be a disadvantage. If you're submitting yourself through a faceless digital chris people on they get on zoom with you to tell you. please don't kind taxes in person submit all your ideas own to this portal and Just whatever but you know so. Those type of things. I think people are attacking that on the other hand..

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