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She heads up the entire promotion of barbados in the uk at the barbados tourism. Marketing inc. She's hardworking dedicated personifies. All the best qualities of the barbadian. People admire is doctored rates of jade physical therapy. She is in a very successful entrepreneur. She is a fitness enthusiast. She's is a health enthusiast and most importantly she is a mother and she is able to achieve all that she said so her mind to with such determination endurance the strength and i truly admire. They sold her female barbadian. The buyer is the current prime minister of barbados. The honorable me. I'm more molly and first of all. I just like to mention that. I think is really great. Washed accomplished so far in that. She's a very first female prime minister all bar betas and this is something that no other female on. The island has accomplished so being the very first female prime minister. That's something that really worthy of applause and of trees and the other thing i also wanted to mention is her wheel. Paddling the current situation with the virus around the world. How she's making sure that she's keeping the general public up to date with everything that's going on. Still keeping the lines of communication open and letting us know day by day each thing. That's going on with the situation. Life in barbados guests on today's podcast were also identified as inspirational leaders and their feet. Barbara trio teen monica archer and jerry. Jones are three from in women with one thing in common. They are making a significant impact in areas that they are passionate about. Barbara trio often a local beijing woman. He attended university and worked in canada and return to beta several years ago. I give them back to the local community. It's all about making a difference in the world again. That's very much a bar. Badie call an ethic if you would so and the majority of our events up in canada. They usually at the end of the day. If you've sold to consider whatever the funds are accumulated and then we'll go to support charitable objectives. So there's always an emphasis on giving back and making a difference. So i basically grew up with that. So it's part of as i said are conscious so to speak. It's that desire to help. Desire to make a difference and it sounds like you have been involved in quite a variety of charity work as well. Is there anything that you haven't yet done in relation to your bishen of the charity work. You're trying to achieve or anything. That's eluded you to date that you would like to do something about i would say. There's an area in the future. That i would like to get much more involved in and i'm sure the initiative will present itself in new course and that is thinking in terms of the theme in the context around international women's day. We are very much matriarchal. Society here in barbados and so the woman is generally speaking the head of the household and that role is as we all know very impactful in terms of raising children helping me create future citizens for the country so being able to support programs that help young girls think about their future. Hold themselves in terms of what's happening on a social level spiritual level emotional level. How can they embrace. What their talents are in terms of really achieving their full potential because at the end of the day they have a tremendous impact on other us whether or not they are actually having children themselves and raising children and injuring them or whether as an aunt they're able to as well or even adopt but the road of the woman is very strong and very powerful in the caribbean and i would like to see programs attention through school or whatever other type of avenue that really helped develop that sense of personal responsibility. How chief your potential in the best possible way so given this has been international women's week the theme this year is choose to challenge and i'm just wondering if you've got any words of advice for gares or women i there around that thing some people in life yes. Things seem to fall into their hands into their plates into their laps but for the majority it really is focused on the discipline of math. Your english hardware commitment but really look to what is your talent and your potential and help. Can you develop that. And i'd like to make a special call out to a young lady. Maria marshall who is our local greta soon berg so to speak and she has this beautiful program on little thoughts on big matters and she's eleven years old when she was at primary school in black men and gala which is now at harrison college. She had put together this small video and at won an award and so she'd been interviewed internationally but it was all around observing something that was happening. Somebody throwing trash garbage out of the van and then taking that as an idea and saying what is my role and my responsibility in terms of the environment and how i can give back to the country and so i would say it's that. What are you seeing around you. This is all our country. How can we all make a difference. And whatever small away as possible but adults so make a difference by developing our potential and let that be the mission to give back and really comes back to do not let your circumstances define you because you have an opportunity especially here in barbados and of course you know in the uk and canada us other parts of the world to take what life has offered you and to really try and transform that into something else so do not let that let your circumstances dictate from within. What is your opportunity to make a difference. I hope you're enjoying the show. So far. please de-subscribe t life in barbados to follow my journey and never missed an episode life in a year on a paradise-island sherry tunes and he writer a lawyer and mama for her debut novel. The one armed sisters weeks our highest set here in barbados and has just today been long listed for the women's prize for fiction twenty twenty one in the uk. So can you tell us about the book. Then so homer went on cecil sweetser. House is a book of a woman. Call la la young woman who lives on baxter's beach in barbados with her husband. Aiden who is a criminal essentially who doesn't number of legal activities for a living and la is here brighter on the beach and we need her at the beginning of the novel on the night but she gives birth to their first child now on that same night. There is a robbery at a mansion on the beach and a wealthy tourists is murdered and held one on sweeps. Our house is really about how those two events are connected and it takes place over one summer in nineteen eighty four and along the way it explores malas evolution as a woman her eventual from the circumstances in which she finds herself when we meet her and i also explores themes of race class color hall not violence especially domestic violence in barbados in this picturesque stacking of the speech with powdery paint sand and beautiful blue sunlit skies. So that's what the novel is about in a nutshell and high mazda of your experience of growing up in barbados your experience so.

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