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Came to a stunning close as many of us were starting our weekend delayed after a woman through red liquid onto the crowded floor at the state Senate Friday afternoon from KQ eighties politics and government desk reporter Katie or has more the Senate was in the middle of a floor vote Friday when the proceedings took a dramatic turn. the California highway patrol reports that a Santa Cruz County woman through a menstrual Cup containing what appeared to be blood on to the Senate floor the woman then walked out of the Senate gallery where she was arrested and charged with assault vandalism and disrupting the Senate her Facebook page contains anti vaccination messages like those promoted by groups protesting to bill signed by governor Newsome this week limiting medical exemptions from vaccines the Senate continued its session in a cramped committee room that was KQ Edie's Katie or state lawmakers have also passed a bill that would require health clinics at California's public universities to provide the abortion bill on campus as geeky with these April Dembowski reports former governor Jerry Brown vetoed a previous version of this bill so all eyes are now on governor Newsome when governor brown next to the last year he said it wasn't necessary he pointed to a study that found abortion clinics were an average six miles away from California campuses at the time then candidate for governor Gavin Newsom said he would have signed the bill supporters say there are other obstacles like insurance hassles these can cause delays that eat into the short window that the abortion pill can be taken it's only effective up to ten weeks of pregnancy Newsome has thirty days to sign or veto the bill if he signs abortion opponents say they will look for a pro life student campus health care provider to file a conscientious objector lawsuit against the state for the California report.

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