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When the receiver runs off the db, his eyes go with the wide receiver. He's not looking at the quarterback, but let me tell you what you do. Three man to four man rush. You take eight guys in all eight sets of eyes and keep them on the quarter. You dropped seven guys in the coverage. You rush four and you got seven sets of eyes on the quarterback. That's why you're not able to do this over the course of a season. And that's why in the play offs, you're not able to advance because even if you play action the linebackers, it's not as distinct of fake because the linebackers aren't planning to running back to man to me because prior to this week, historically, Blake Bortles was more effective runner. They enact Prescott the quarterback in that game going into that game who had a better history of running. The football successfully was Blake, Dax career-high, rushing was forty five yards. So as much as the Cowboys talked about it, I would imagine Jacksonville, you talked about how you would have your team at least once a quarter once once every quarter of a season. Once every four games throw you a go route. So the other team had in there in that game. So they have to worry about it. There's no four or fourteen game studied prior to this past week where a team playing Dax like man, he might run the ball a dozen times. Let's just go back. The beginning of the season, everything with expectation dowels with their lack of playmakers which one these guys is going to evolve. Imagine we had the same storyline. Same question we have right now. Well, Dax going to run more. Would we have been excited about that before the season? No, this is the way this offense is evolving because of Dax inability to build a throw to football now stink makes a great point sixty five seventy NFL place. All right, so I know I got thirty five runs in their baked in there no matter what. It's other five ten plays. What do I do with those? Because if you give those today, he goes from on twenty five times to thirty five times. So I understand what stinks trying because as a game plan, we're trying to get them sixty five seventy plays and give yourself the best chance of winning which that would. But once you get to the playoffs when you have to be more explosive, your margin air becomes real small. All right. Let's take a break Mark stick around much on this and other things. I love him. Duck mouth all. Our Lady and bow turn some heads with its latest decision Wiki here. It's next. Thursday night football returns this week as Miller in the Broncos battle Josh Rosen in the cardinals, and I'll start the seven thirty eastern on FOX NFL network and streaming on Brian video. And call it the game on. Speaking of dog back with Clara, right? That's what you that's speaking dog. He said they need you dog. So I leave that on there. They need. Some dogs is what they need right. Talk from this corner stores start your morning pets. You just have brought down from Sunday. I'll stick with broadly dog Assad, Kansas City linebacker. Bruins speaks up here to let go of Tom Brady before the pats quarterback ran into the end zone for a touchdown Sunday night, speak said that the new rules were on his mind during the play, but that he does have to finish the place e, what do you make of this? We've seen this happen before, but the emphasis own the quarterbacks and landing I can understand. But more importantly, they had defensive pass interference. They would've had I and down on the on the one yard line. Anyway, it was third down and four scans which was holding in the back of endzone so they still would have scored on first down. I'll tell you don't be stupid to tackle Zach guy. How will you be thinking about the rules about thinking about your job. Whole thing about the rules while they're doing their job, the job little too fast, but that's what they are expecting the the A lot. lot. When you're trying to make a play, you're just trying to make a play, stopping the good people league office. Okay. Next choice onto the people knew were in over this was that was good when you can say all the time and it's you're.

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