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Nadda an fury says they which I like. He's like listen. I'm the director of shield. I know all these things this good. This is a good development for Nick Fury. He should know who you're right. I mean that's I thought about it just like good to do away with the you know. Don Blake. Thor thing as an avenger right that silly that no one knows Don Blake for the same person. Like in the avengers but Yeah you're right for like Nick Fury. It's a good development to start seeing him as the like ultimate spy master who just has to all the stuff which is a aspect of him. We haven't seen too much of no. Yeah you're you're note about the long-term planning do you just want say. The book opens with him. He's like super metal amazing looking hammer forging a sword shots and the see the letter caption with letters here by John Workman which is A. The Simmons and working partnership is an Alzheimer Juicing doom over and over it's so good it's such an effective opening and it's clearly building something right like it's it's setting up this ramp that is not delivered on in this story But the planning is is awesome. Like that's what makes this Ron or part of makes this run so fun are Oregon. Yeah me like you were saying weaves entails asgard but then he also like he does a good job of taking all this as guards stuff kind of revitalizing it like maintenance fee feel new and fresh again while also like really paying on edge to the the you know like the actual mythology here I mean you get like what Thor thors goats have. We seen them before. We haven't seen them but have they been in marble before tooth. Nassar and tooth grinder right his like. Hey Deeds. I don't know I don't know I don't know if they've been in it before they certainly have been a lot sense Yeah I think I think of Simmons pulling a lot from actual as guardian mythology. Yes I definitely can't say how much of that had already been done because I haven't read seventies or super closely. Yeah well but he does. All that will also new second. They showed up in nineteen seventy six the the gutter. He does hold out. I would say I would say. There are the goats of goats. God it does all that will also pushing for you better goat. You know you can't Oh Black Phillip like I'm not gonna I figured be funny or if I don't tell you who at. Yes black fair now I have to them. Black Phillip. I can't go no it's fine Does all that like the asgard stuff making it like? It's totally? Its own marvel thing while still weaving in the like the mythology stuff and then also he's taking new just can't get the sentence. Did you look up the answer? Is He's a cool gout right. Yeah that's call Also weaving in like this weirdness. Right like Beta ray bill. Just right like we're gonna into some stuff here. We're like thor gets becomes the home kind of like how X. Men right like what Clermont's doing the X. Men were he just like you know you know the mutants but also you know. Here's some morlocks. And here's some Here's the Brood. And here is you know. There's the Phoenix. And there's the future like he's taking the X. men and then he's just adding a million new little like aesthetics to it and a bunch of different little sub universes within it. Mike Simonsen County doing the same thing with thor. He is not just and it's not just flushing out asgard which is great. Like he's doing that but he's also I mean Jason. Aaron does some similar stuff with a you know like the God butcher stuff like that where it's like weaving mythology in with its own little. Sifi nod stuff Because he he takes Odin one of the first times. We've seen Odin in a role besides just often around as guard right and just like being petulant varying cover. We voted out in least likely to do anything for something but yeah yeah. He like he goes and visits the GNOMES to To forge a new hammer and like he shows up in his different aspect of the that like Which is like a real thing in mythology that odin his dislike. Wanderer this one eyed wanderer. And he's got the brim of his hat pulled down and it's not the th the own we've seen with the big armor and everything like it's very cool. It's cool stuff e tree. I think the character that appeared includes played. Yeah I yeah feels pulled from innovators senator. Yeah Yeah yeah that's that whole sequence of forging the hammer a ton of fun. It's the doors of in. What is it nuclear nuclear? That's a that's also pulled from infinity. War Yes he like. You get all this cool stuff. Of course. The reason is there in terms of Yoshitaka entering getting a new. Hammarby is because thor keeps getting his butt kicked by bill home. So Beta shows up as As an apparent alien invader on his way to a very silly and for you know they. They do the classic. We better fight. No so I doubt I do want to point this out. It is similar to that like we've had a lot of those before usually we're in on the joke. I think that's kind of the big difference here is that don't actually know. Yeah unless you know this right like gatorade. Bill is to all appearances is a bad guy to us while so this fight eventually gets concluded in like no. They should have just stopped in talked right. This was a misunderstanding. I think that makes a Lotta the difference instead of like. Oh here's to heroes we like and now they're just GONNA fight in. It feels contrived this I think just eliminating that kind of like insider information helps this a lot more it also. The fats are really great point. Because if you're reading refine for a time. Yeah Yeah No. He looks like he'd be a bad guy. Guess Right he's basically I mean as as menacing a horse be which is like why it's so cool when like. Oh No. He's as worthy of the Hammer. As Thor in Sicily of with him. Two issues later. Your how cool okay. That's really unexpected. Right like he really the rug under from out from under you because he you know he sets you up with these other expectations. Yeah he does in fact hold up meal near as I I mean I think like the really the first character to do so in any meaningful capacity. Yeah they saw. They've played with it here and there but not in the way of like you know I'm worthy not not something's GonNa usually. Yeah it's usually just like someone is just like up strong. I can hold the hammer and they kind of I'm. The writer is just choosing to ignore the like rules of the Hammer. Yeah I do like here. That when Beta. Ray Bill picks it up. He gets his. He gets his own four costume put on his. Yeah Yeah which is fun And then so battery Bill in Florida. They kind of come to an understanding that like okay. They're kind of on the same side. Here Odin recognizes this as well in Asgard and Basically Bill says though like I won the Hammer Square though. I WANNA keep it. I need it for from people and owns like fine. You guys do battle to the death in in these lava pits and whoever wins can have the hammer and yet again bid. Rebel wins but rather than leave thor. Throw him in the lava tubes death. He saves him because he's super honorable. And a good guy and as a result owed makes him storm breaker his own Pam. I mean the it doesn't just make him storm. Breaker Beta ray bill. Actually Mike Asks Odin for help and he just says like I one but it's not right for me to like take the hammer from such a. You know like an honorable fo and thorns and deserve to lose it like. Isn't there anything you can do like Beta Ray. Bill doesn't want to just win it from him. You not like wants to find some compromise here. He also is in on the fact that Odin chose a battleground that would benefit Beta. Ray Bill like he said he was raised on like a fiery planet. And that Beta rebuild. The Edge Beta Ray. Bill's kind of aware of that. But like thor or Odin might be trying to teach a lesson in humility here Which I love Mike. That's great first time we've seen and NICO's origins of of Thornton to begin with I I do think to like it's it's quite. Well done by Simmons sending in company that It's such a process to make a hammer like this. You know because you can't you don't WanNa have like somebody show up and have them Odin just kind of magic's than memorial older because he could just their dime a dozen right so it's a process. He has to go through all the protocols with the trolls and all that But once he gets him storm breaker then immediately bill and for half to turn around and head off to fight these teams that are coming for bills people. Which is you know. Kind of what What Bill told him to talk to? Odin into making the hammer to begin with so to your point than the goats the to the goats tooth. Nesher who's the goat among tooth Nassar and Tooth Grinder? That's a tricky one. I don't know that I have a preference. I am diligent Nassar Grinder Okay. This joke does if you could go on an Apple Nassar or grinder. Which one would you pick just like G G and SR Nassar sounds. Can I just point out? Just because I'm pooh-poohing your your sports talk here. How or just off. I know I would fury aiding I am being towards anyone who knows how the final four actually works with our March madness because I called our last eight match offs when we sixteen people. The elite eight like yesterday's call them match offs. Did I match UPS playoffs whatever? Yeah because it's like now we have four matchups left and at the final four and two and that's terrible to the terrible do and then I love final. No and then we'll have the final one match up which is the onerous one. What were you calling it when it was eight? I missed that elite eight. Oh yeah that's right. But when they're sixteen players left eight matchups. Oh that is infuriating. I know yeah that is our that is. Our merchantman is pull. That is being run by. I'M GONNA go the first person I've ever met who truly has no concept of Martinez which is actually good. That wild a lot of fun You check out actually anyone's leading we are on the found out to its weight and it's over. It's if you've heard this marvellous year if you're here in this city well over Yes if you're hearing this you can just go see the results. Apparently Yeah Yeah. There's a bracket on posting spiderman is beating Wolverine like three to one. That's kind of crazy. That is like one a more unexpected. I. I'M NOT SURPRISED. But you're you're right. I am a little bit. I thought it would be like at least a little. I mean he's it's basically this. It's literally actually as of this moment. He's beating at the same. As magneto. Beat Jean Grey. Like that feels more obvious to me that make NATO would be Jean Grey with that kind of a a ratio but like spider man and Wolverine. I thought Will Greenwood. Had A little more power here. Anyway Does not definitely does not are. I do want to call out. We'll talk about this in the very cover I bet but Kitty pryde night crawler. The closest possible voting showdown. I think we ever could have imagined that wolverine versus storm and then it was the only one that tied so this one ended like I think may ended in by. Yeah we flipped a coin for that one Forgot about that. This could have been Spiderman vs storm. Which probably would have fared the same. I'm guessing anyway. Yeah kind kinda like storming match of any who Anne who Or read all of it. So it's the best. Oh if you love this Simonsen Calm Simonsen Simon. I alternate between the two. I don't know in clearly I should watch an interview or something. I'm going to go with some months and wants a Monson If you like this work he does a series in the two thousands that also like norse mythology. It's kind of weird. That he had hips back news. Well called the Ragnarok right so apple and it's like I think you just did a third little series of it it's excellent it's like after. Ragnarok has happened and it follows a thor through that and it's completely different like feels like a totally different vibe. But it's a really fun series. It's pretty short too so you can read. I held off for a minute because I thought it would be too similar. Would feel like he's just doing this because he can't get through thorny for our data but it's it's own thing and it's awesome. Yeah really leans mythology source dead throughout it like the skeleton as the series opens. That's like the Hukou oilers now but that is the premise of comic. It is it is like a dead for Wandering through this Eddie. Let's let's jump speaking of dead. Thor fantastic four rhymes rhymes getting worse at this speaking of death or he'll transition thousand pages of fantastic Ford number two hundred fifty seven. I feel like that's a for transition. Get a lot of GALACTICO internal monologue. Yeah Yeah This is awesome. It's really cool to fifty eight. The that's it onto fifty seven. Yeah it's awesome cool two thumbs up ex now. It's it's really cool. It's like the whole stories from glasses point. Well now I guess at the end we switched the fantastic four but the first like two thirds of this think and Nova. Oh O.`Neil galactosyl. Let's get this out of the way. God I mean I think we already talked about this but like how many young women pine over like you know. Powerful men like Nova is falling in love with galactic here because he is like powerful and aloof she says and it is just like come on John like. Please stop airing your weird fantasies on the pay fair to be fair We have never seen a Galactic Herald Romance Who they didn't show us. What was going on with Norman and Galactic on those lonely nights. Right just Just turn it silvery head of known so polished Yeah this is rare written penciled inked by John. There's another example here that some girl lunges at Johnny Storm. And then there's another like he really likes just having like women Pining after men who you know are kind of Who are like not equally as into them. It's weird like this. You're going to see this in Alpha flight next next episode like this is just such a reoccurring thing. It's weird..

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