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It's a great memory I love that movie seal and justice for all oh my god I love that movie it's very at I really I love all my god I love that movie first movie get this we can thank us any limit who directed that movie no I'm sorry Norman Jewison directed that movie Norman Jewison we can think Norman Jewison for discovering Christine Lahti that was the first movie Jeffrey tambour is in that one Craig T. Nelson yeah Craig T. Nelson Jeffrey tambor Lee Strasburg we Strasbourg there's one of my favorite scenes ever one of my favorite Al Pacino scenes ever is when at one point Jeffrey tambor work like has a nervous breakdown and goes nuts and starts with an plates down hallways and he's what he's shaved his head it was because he's a defense attorney and he got this guy off who was clearly he was guilty he can be guilty of murder he got this guy off on a technicality and the guy will not kill the kid and so Tamworth character kinda loses it you don't any fills obviously feels responsible for getting this guy back out on the street as a defense attorney he takes it personally and he goes nuts he goes off the deep and start filling a place down the down the hallway so they throw in the back of a of an ambulance and and that helped you know goes with him but he gives his he gives another Sam Levine who plays this other this other lawyer he gives Sam Levine this case that he has said that he has to skip and it is this this this transvestite who is who is up on charges for robbery and so he gives like Al Pacino give Sam Levine the actor who plays the other lawyer he is going to take the case any any he does not give the the right papers to the judge and the guy gets in a sentence to jail many hangs himself the guy the guy the guy then hangs himself so there's a scene in the movie where Pacino confronts Sam Levine and start to beat the crap out of his Cadillac with a with a brief the briefcase shatters the windshield and and goes nuts because his client hung himself and it's one of my favorite my favorite scenes that al Pacino's ever done so other route actors and actresses who didn't really get their start until after forty Christoph waltz Christoph waltz was consistently booking roles in German films and on TV show since the eighties but the German Austrian actor didn't enter into the internationals like actually turned fifty three when he played colonel Hans Landa in winter Tino's inglorious Basterds it was a performance that won him an academy award he wants me one for Veronica Django too yeah for it cites Dr king he won or something he won for he won for glorious **** anyone for Django yeah you don't give the best performance in in Django Kerry Washington no she's great I love her watch but it's the camera you can't really can't he's unbelievable in that movie he's unbelievable in every movie yeah but I loved him in that movie I thought he was his old I thought he was so great a very very very good job yeah hello for in terms of Quinn Tarantino performances it's going to it's Christoph waltz as hand Han's Landa okay of all time of all time he he's the if if they had not found Christoph waltz that movie would have been made yeah I mean I think I would write in it I would have to if I'm talking performances by you know in Tarantino movies that I would have to think about that I would have to think about it first of all I think Brad Pitt's hilarious inglorious Basterds he's yeah unbelievably funny in that movie gore lami it's ridiculous here's Larry on WGN hi Larry hi how are your how about eight but Golda yeah the godfather Paul warned there did Marty Miller right yeah that was that's true he had to be like in his fifties when when he when he was in now the godfather godfather first thing he was in and then obviously he played fish on Barney Miller and then fish on the shell fish the spin off yeah and then he spent all those years were people wondering whether you're still alive yeah you guys are great shoulder was to do reporter thank you Larry push anybody have a good one you too yeah if you go to you gotta love a to go to he's in the cannonball run two he is also in cal in can callin now Keenan good burger yeah he is in good burger he listened there's a sea go to you tube and just type in able go to good burger I want to play the audio because it it just it's it's hilarious while you're doing that here's Bridget on WGN hi Bridget good morning morning Kathy Bates hi yes yeah she was in her forties when went went out and yeah I mean she was it I'm I don't she's got a small part men don't leave which is one of my favorite movies of all time just small part in that but her big break obviously was I mean the big thing was misery and she was in her forties when she met Mr all right yep terrific actress I don't think she's great my favorite Kathy Bates performance of all time and there are a lot to choose from but my favorite without question is primary colors she's unbelievably good in primary colors so there's one movie I did not see all you got to see it it's great it's really really great Bridget Hey thanks for the call thank you but you seem primary colors I've not Elaine may wrote it Mike Nichols directed it I do love Mike Nichols and it's Travolta's best performance I think Emma Thompson but what about blow out it's that way yep law he's great blow out but like he's PT doing a variation is what's you know it's based on the campaign trail for for Clinton I mean the book primary colors written by anonymous it's a great movie and can't Kathy Bates is amazing and so did you find the audio of of of the goat I've I've almost got it's plain and add you got an ad going we have to do that nowadays everything's got an ad before him but eight to go to was in of course the critically acclaimed good burger a movie I adore I do too I love is so funny I love it yeah I love it but like a to go to the grave ago to get a start to Lee was in his fifties hi thank you get me to a hospital I think I broke my ****.

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