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Twice the thirty four year old man's under arrest charges are pending the fifty nine year old victim is in critical but stable condition at Saint Luke's it's not known what led to the argument between them and that led to the stabbing. in Brooklyn thirty seven year old man was stabbed to death on Graham Avenue in Williamsburg today police are looking for two men who fled the scene there's no word on what that was about. Suffolk County police arrested nineteen year old Brian Quinn terrace was involved in that amber alert on Wednesday accused of taking his six month old son without permission following a physical altercation with the child's mother Quinteros as been charged with criminal content and endangering the welfare of a child the baby is fine. rewards up to twenty thousand dollars now the disappearance of five year old dolce Maria Alvarez who was the subject of an amber alerts here in South Jersey still is Jennifer web McRae is the prosecutor in Cumberland County the FBI has contributed a five thousand dollar reward in addition to that my office is contributing five thousand dollars the new field National Bank is also contributing ten thousand dollars girl was last seen at a park in bridge ten just before five on Monday afternoon her mother told police her daughter was playing on the swings when she disappeared police say they believe the girl may have been abducted by a man driving a red van with sliding door and tinted windows meantime the FBI office in Newark is urging people on social media to stop spreading rumors about the girl's mother tweeting that it distracts from the search they didn't elaborate on the rumors about the mothers of people have accused her of giving her daughter away. a Missouri man has become the eighth person to die in the US of a vaping related illness the CDC now has more than five hundred vaping illness cases reported correspondent Lynsey Davis reports that investigators now believe the problem is whether the device manufacturers have been claiming all along people vaping black market T. H. C. products they're saying look we're not trying to go after and prosecute people who are using illegal products that's not the point of our investigation our focus right now is the supply chain so they're trying to do is track down what is the break down what is causing this illness to to try to eliminate it the CDC says don't vape but if you must don't buy vaping products off the streets and don't modify them. well the measles outbreak has been declared under control in the city of I've got a couple of cases now in Nassau County in Maryland the rain is with the county health department Nassau County hasn't had a case of measles since twenty thirteen this is our second case this year measles is a highly contagious disease we are concerned of those who may not be vaccinated of those babies and the six months of age anybody whose immune system is suppressed we want to reach out to them to tell them they may have been exposed to measles especially if they were riding the allied double our because one of the infected people is known to have been at several L. I. double our stations last week notably Mineola Jamaica and hymns that spoke to six degrees with clear skies were going up to partly sunny eighty and that's how the now this Mets fans prior to each game tune into the Nissan Mets pregame show on WCBS eight eighty. president trumps the subject of a whistle blower complaint over something he told a foreign leader and there are reports now that the leader was the president of Ukraine corresponded Alex melon reports the underlying issue here maybe Joe Biden's alleged efforts to help his son's business dealings in the Ukraine if the president had privately encouraged a leader of a foreign country to investigate somebody who might go on to be his twenty twenty opponent and that would certainly raise alarms among the intelligence officials and would probably explain why the inspector general said this raised to a level of urgent concern on CNN last night Chris Cuomo asked presidential lawyer Rudy John Giuliani about all this they did ask you crazy look into Joe by of course I did you just said you didn't know I didn't ask him to look at the job by NASA with the allegations the related my client which tangentially involved Joe Biden in a massive bribery slowly all this is going on the president will be hosting a state dinner tonight in the rose garden in honor of Australian prime minister Scott Morrison. we have traffic and accu weather coming up in just a moment Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau now says he doesn't even know how many times he put on black face over the years there are at least three known incidents from years ago it was not something that represents the. the person I've become the leader I try to be he says there's no excuse I have always acknowledge that I come from a place of privilege but I now need to acknowledge that comes with a mass of blind spot he's in the middle of a reelection campaign the elections a month away there but no calls for him to resign from within his Liberal Party but the opposition leader Andrew Scheer said this proves that Trudeau is unfit to lead Canada. time.

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