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It's still three people hospitalized. Two in the intensive care unit and one eight additional standard unit the tuning of care unit or doing much better. Now, no longer require breathing assistance or medications to support their blood pressure. A police officer and a seventy year old civilian remain in intensive care. President Trump criticizing we. House speaker Paul Ryan for dismissing his call to end so called birthright citizenship for the children of non US citizens born in this country. Trump tweets that Ryan should be focused on holding the majority rather than giving his opinions on birthright citizenship something he knows nothing about Ryan. Who's retiring from congress said that Trump, obviously could not and birthright citizenship through executive action. A former federal investigators says a mafia hitman is a suspect in the prison slang of Boston crime, boss, James Whitey, Bolger official told the Associated Press today that Fodio spreading g s and at least one other inmate are believed to have been involved in Bolger's killing Tuesday at a West Virginia prison, medical researchers have found most common medications taken during pregnancy. Do not put him other at high risk for having a child with autism. I'm Gary Nunn expected mothers who take anti-depressants and anti-psychotic drugs are no more likely to have autistic babies and those who don't take such medications. The health of the woman is key says head research. Searcher Magdalena Yana Netscape at seems to Mike Morrow difference than medications. She takes gene pregnancy. More than one hundred eighty drugs were included in the study Netscape says these findings must be validated by other researchers before any solid conclusions or arrived at Gary Nunn. CBS news on Wall Street Hefferin, Tillerson says the Dow industrials plus three hundred seventy nine points standing at twenty five thousand to fifty four. The NASDAQ is up one seventy four this hour in sports penguins defenseman Chris Tang back on the ice for.

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