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Know that they were here and of course forestall then is named when mj twelve is formed as the first one of the first members of the original 12 of majestic twelve nj twelve so there's all these connections and you can say okay well you know they'll be you'll right but then is another photograph from the kennedy library that is i think an important piece of documentary evidence and it's a it's a trip kennedy made two i forget where it was i think it's virginia where he he made a point of getting out of his motor of directing his motorcade to a cemetery and going up and spending time at the grave of gives forestall and he's sitting there with his head bowed obviously it's a very solemn moment for him as if he and foresaw we're very close and of course foresaw you know with supposedly committed suicide lotta people think he was thrown out of 16 uh more window wanted to go to go public and say look you know there are aliens we've got them we've got their ships we've got their bodies all that stuff have you look at the berlin monroe case that may have been murdered because of the same thing i that is something that's on the agenda because kennedy's personal life is going to be part of this book i mean we do have to look at him i think as a as a whole person what we're his issues because it's it's relevant in the sense that if hoover for instance knew about this stuff done it would give him leverage and again people could blackmail him with oath things amina affects scandal today is nothing i mean look at everybody's being accused of of today but back then and we not every buddy michael roma ya they're not done yet george working on it um but you know i think that um i think i think that that is really a relationship with marilyn monroe was really important and that isn't again another thing that i after really um get into a my research as i try to pound this thing out by uh by april which is the publication date so you're not you're deadline against the yeah yeah i know i'll i'll be okay you know i'm i dunno as a writer i i need a deadline if i don't have a deadline i don't work i mean if i don't have a deadline i spend my time on my computer you know conquering europe with sake warmachine if he got a wipe i was.

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