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Scandia is still has to places open victorville and Sacramento. Some of the rides and arcade games from the location, Ontario are moving up the fifteen city leaders in LA have tried a new way to break with President Trump the council passed a resolution declaring L A sanctuary city councilman guilty DIO says it's a value statement, Sal them in the history of this nation as a present presidential campaign been launched with such hate such vitriol such racism, he says the resolution passed yesterday doesn't actually change policies. But he says the city isn't going to judge people on when or how they got here. Andrew mollenbeck, KFI news. A tiger at the London zoo has killed the female tiger. That was supposed to become its mate the male tiger arrived at the zoo last week. The zoo says Friday that the this was the first day. The Tigers were placed in the same enclosure, the two big cats had been expected to breed as part of a conservation program. For endangered animals only about five hundred to six hundred cemetery and Tigers live in the wild a hall, monitor at a high school in Baltimore has been shot by a man visiting the school the school employee is in serious but stable condition. Police say they believe the shooter was trying to confront someone at a meeting being held at the school. Officers were in the main office at the time of the shooting and quickly arrested. The accused shooter federal safety officials knew the pilot evolved any fatal crash in Yorba, Linda, he had been disciplined for dangerous flying the LA times reports records indicate Antonio any lost his pilot's license for one hundred twenty days in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven after flying from Vegas to Long Beach in cloudy. Icy weather and falsely told an air traffic controller he had instrument clearance, past knees license was reportedly pulled for thirty days in one thousand nine hundred eighty because his plane was judged on airworthy Palestinian four people on the ground were killed when his Cessna broke apart and crashed last weekend. Erin bender KFI news. Ikea has irked some Kiwis a. Shopper in the US recently noticed Keogh was selling a world map without New Zealand an internet post made its way to New Zealand were I ki- is planning to build a mega store the emission of New Zealand from maps has happened. So many times it has become a running joke on the island last year comedian made a video about the apparent conspiracy is big bigger than we thought bigger than the moon landing and Loch Ness combined. Which by the way, is one of my theories of those things that combined. The prime minister even made a cameo in the video calling for helping putting New Zealand back on the map cops and mineral beach, South.

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