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Eight one zero while the Republican party has a lot of introspection to do. Besides just blaming Democrats and saying that there was vote harvesting is their latest. There wasn't wasn't. That's such a acknowledge your law. So joining me on the phone though to talk about what is happening next with Republican party from Politico's, California playbook. Carla Marinucci Carla great to talk to you. So are there are they actually being introspective? Or is it just blame the Democrats for their losses at this point? Well, I think there's this. This a party that's still in the intensive care unit. And it's trying to find its way back and one of the things they have to do is find somebody to lead them. The current chair is leaving Jim brutal. Not he's gonna be retiring? And in February they're going to decide who is in charge of the message and the direction of the party, and one of the things you mentioned I mean, they've been blaming ballot harvesting and the motor voter registration and a bunch of other things in California. How Democrats managed to just kill off essentially seven of their house members. And you know, they have to look within the party. I talked to this week to three of the guys who want to be the next chairman of the California Republican party. There are no women in that group. And you know, they they don't really acknowledge the one of the big issues is the demographic changes in how the party is still largely white and older and that is not worth California's going on. A demographic side is is becoming it already is a majority minority state is becoming younger and people of color have a much bigger voice in California, and that is happening in states across the country, Nevada, you know, a tax haven taxes, even and you know, we saw what almost happened in Texas. It's just a matter of time. I think many Republicans will will admit before what happened in California. Demographics happens in the rest of the country. And by in the next two decades, the entire country is expected to be majority minority. So this is where the Republican party has to look at itself and figure out how to appeal to those voters, and you know, it's interesting talking to the three folks who want to be the chairman, really, none of them blame Donald Trump or that whole message with Donald Trump. They don't think that that's part of the equation. It's fascinating Carla Marinucci joining me on the phone from Politico's, California playbook. I mean Travis Allen. Okay. You're not going to get a single minority vote for Travis. Al maybe one Travis Allen, Steve Frank. I've talked to you many times over the years to he's also very much. He's not quite a Travis Allen. But he's kind of in that camp. David handley. Yeah. Definitely conservative David sort of more in the middle. You know, it's interesting. You mentioned Travis Allen. He's already got out on Twitter, basically, a call for a Republican revolution. But a call to repeal Gavin Newsom, by the way, hasn't even been sworn in as governor California. So he just one in a landslide. So this is kind of one of the things that the Republican party needs to address. I think you know, what you talk to Travis Allen or ski Frank or David highly all say, you know, it wasn't really Donald Trump. It was you know, various issues, they all bring up the issue of the voting what they believe. Lead to be voting regularity irregularities, which really haven't been proven by anybody. I know just gonna hang out of Saint Carlin. Let's take a second on there. As I understand it outside of North Carolina. Thank you. Is actually a Republican conspiracy that is being investigated right now. And Georgia's secretary state disenfranchising minority voters I heard any evidence we did have the one problem here in the state of California where we registered to many people who weren't eligible, but that was caught before the election. Yeah. That was pretty election. That was the motor vehicles had nothing to do with the secretary of state. And she said that was corrected. There's no evidence that undocumented people voted in this election, or there was any kind of weirdness with the way the ballots were picked up or absentee ballots. I mean, you have do you have a former North Carolina Governor at this point suggesting that in that say that they should forbid absentee ballots in total all of them, you know, almost military. I mean, a California two-thirds of us vote by absent t-, ballot California makes it easy for people to vote that is why you know, we had two two stars devoted a historically high turnout. This time around was because two thirds of the voters voted by mail. It's just easier to do it here in other states. You have to ask permission etcetera. So this is something I mean, the Republican party it really doesn't want to deal with that aspect of it. I think the message is. The other big problem that they had Donald Trump was a problem for them on on issues like the GOP tax Bill on repealing ObamaCare on the immigration issue and the wall, which we know is historically unpopular here in California. And yet a lot of those house people who went down to defeat in southern California or just walking the plank with Kevin McCarthy, basically align themselves with Trump, and they paid the price for it. So this is some of the some of the stuff that Republican party has to look at as it goes forward. But here in California, it's gonna be interesting. Even you know, February they're going to have their big state convention, and that is where the demolition derby will occur. In february. Okay. Yeah. I'm looking at this Carla Marinucci joining me on the phone athletic, California playbook, again, I see three older white guys. And not that there's anything wrong with older, white guys. Travis Allen, isn't that much older? But. Exactly. And then this is the Tom. For the party. And the, you know, when you compare the number of women in the house, I believe the Democrats, I think it was seventy new women compared to thirteen on the Republican side. There's just no comparison to how Republicans represent you know, or not representing women and people of color, and this goes in the in the California party as well. There are no Republican Latinos in give unheard of. I mean in this state. That's crazy. So they they need to address that issue and figure out what what they are doing. And whether this alignment was President Trump is working in their favor intercourse. There are a lot of Republicans in this state who are either never Trumpers or who have decided to leave the party Steve Schmidt being a famous Olsen. Yeah. Kristie nelson. Right. They're talking about how this no longer flies. There's there's a number of them now and growing number and the question. Yeah. Exactly. Bruce, McPherson, go on and on, you know, and and this is a party, as you know, that you should be so vibrant. So that's what I think we're looking at as we turn to determine, you know, where the party's going to be and it's really even more important than because in twenty twenty the presidential primary. He has moved up to March. So this time around the state will really matter. It will be very important to the whole process and people will be here candidates will be here. So they've got to figure out their message. Now, wait two things. I subscribe to the Politico's California playbook. So I get the Email every morning. You should subscribe to follow Carla Marinucci on Twitter at sea Marinucci. Thank you. It's always great to have man. Thank you. To be with you. Thanks so much. Do appreciate want to hear your thoughts on this as well. What do you think? What's next for the Republicans here in California just double down on the same four one five eight hundred eighty eight ten..

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