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I did the next day when people started breaking it down. I was like Was a chain link. Thanks behind Oh she did do that when she was talking about. Born in the USA Right Latinos. Let's get loud like it was just a lot of symbolism is that we actually miss and I gotta give props Jaylo for even the thought process of that like to actually come up with that. I think is just incredible and taking the risks. Yes because you're over here you know talking about children cages you are talking about Puerto Rico directly in how they are part of the USA in our in our president doesn't consider them and doesn't care about them and doesn't help them get out of this state of. I don't even know what were to use that they're living in. It's like inhumane conditions. The way people are living in Puerto. Rico so I do have someone that that's close to me and was like how dare she don't bring our flag there? We don't we don't Puerto Rican. Nationalist are disgusted with what she's doing right now and I'm like listen anytime that you can put a light on something and be an advocate. I feel like how can you attack somebody for wanting to help? Bring up the conversation but when it comes to Jennifer Lopez. A lot of people feel like she's not vocal enough. She doesn't do enough for Puerto Rico and she's not I guess out there doing the groundwork maybe visiting so a lot of people do have a problem with J. Lo and her level of commitment. It's never enough like in. This is where I want to get away from. It's never enough. She's been criticized for not knowing Spanish. Well enough or not speaking at enough at award shows you know I mean. She's constantly getting criticized by her people. You know so for me. One hundred percent. I'm telling you the person that was talking to me about this was an actual Puerto Rican person. He wasn't even like any other race. I'm listen I'm grateful for Jennifer Lopez for everything that she's done one million percent the I. I've told you this before watching J Lo's behind the music when I was very very young. Was One of the things that inspired me to feel like. I could possibly be someone immediately to oh she was the bronx. Oh she went to an audition. Oh she looks like uh us so I thank her one hundred and fifty thousand percent. Everyone gives what they have to give you know. She doesn't feel like she wants to commit. Any further there are tons of other artists Latinos Puerto Ricans n regular people that can step up to the plate to absolutely no and you know what I think that her message yesterday which she put on her instagram. And I'm just I didn't. I didn't memorize it but I'm just saying it like kind of From after reading it and she said this is for the girls and you know I thought about myself and I think that's the reason why it's like. I got so emotional. My husband was laughing at me. Because he's like you're you're so proud and I said I am so proud because much like you. I grew up in a very white community in Ohio. I did not have a lot of community that we're letting US know and you know for me. It's like now look at this younger generation of young ladies that saw that they saw that and they're going to remember that and that's going to motivate them so you know for me. I gave an a plus about the provocative part. I let my sons watch it with me. They enjoyed it. We're not oh no. It was like what no one likes J. Valdano he does. Oh and by the way I do want to remind everybody that like people who were asking like. Who is this guy? This guy released his collaboration with Nike. That night is that not right yet is right and so this guy that you're talking about that nobody knows about. He has such influence not just in the music world but in the fashion world the political world. So he really does. He used doping a lot of things to say so you know. I'm super proud. And that's why I said not. Even the Chris can take the shine away from us. I'm just so proud today. Even I said we're GONNA hold onto this for a little while and Yeah I just thought it was an amazing halftime. Show very well done but can we take a moment and talk about Demi Levato. She was incredible. He really was her voice. She uses so powerful so it was like the perfect tribeca like big shot Yolanda Adams respect to. She's a hopefully voice was amazing but back to Demi shoe looked her white suit. She just looked so angelic and just so like she felt there. Yeah I felt that she really did an amazing job. I got super nervous so at the beginning. 'cause like remember at the grammys stopped. Got Super Emotional. Come on go get your going to really know but you know who had two years off and it is the hardest song for them to sing in any venue or in any like situation so I thought to myself I was like come on girl. Just come out strong and she brought it was awesome. She really didn't. She didn't cry or anything. I really felt like there was gonna be like a teardrop or some yeah. That would've been me. I wanted that little bit of dramatic but it didn't happen but she did really really good. I was proud of her at that moment when she sang the national anthem. Jay Z and beyonce's decided to stay seated. That was a big. That's a big controversy. This morning I didn't or yesterday yesterday and I actually didn't see the video but apparently a here's my thing. The people all around them where seated it's not like J. and B. We're sitting with blue. And then they were surrounded by people standing right in front of them. Were sitting the people around them. Were sitting and you know. It's it's their choice. They weren't being disrespectful. They weren't a football player that was on the field taking a knee in support of CAP. But I don't know I I feel like it's a personal decision. Do you feel very connected and very strongly London towards your country at that moment. Maybe yes maybe no. I feel like it's a personal decision. I didn't see any disrespect. I don't know about you. I think we all have our own individual rights personally for me. Whenever I hear the national anthem you feel like my hand goes over. My heart is stand up. I am proud to be an American. I mean that's that's a type of love that I have for the country Does it upset me when other people don't? I don't know if I can pass that judgment. I don't know why you're not doing it. I know all I can worry about. Is You know what I'm getting I about myself. In the way that I represent myself in the way that I show my respects you and it's a constant I even tell my boys whenever you hear the national anthem you stand up. Take your hat off. You put your hand over your heart and you you pay attention. That's still it's Craig's. I felt that way growing up and and as a child I was just so grateful that my mom came here and I was born here and I was able to have a passport and travel but lately like trump and everything and the way Latinos are being treated and the climate and the racism. It just I don't know it's like I'm in a weird like neutral space right now to feel that way just like don't really but of the country that's the beauty of this country is that you have the freedom to do that to be able to express yourself in that way. Let's and beyond say then you're going to get shit for well exactly but look. I mean he's involved at the NFL? Jay Z. And I think that a lot of people are worried about you. Know his link to Colin Kaepernick. And like whether or not. He speaks out on his behalf enough and all again. Like if you do damned if you don't you can't make everybody happy at this point in that I can say Jay z's linked to Colin Kaepernick is nonexistent. At at this point you know it's crazy because he posted when when Jay Z had that press conference he was like you know. I'm trying to bring about change. We're past kneeling at this point. And then when they stood seed it Colin posted something on historic. That said like I thought we were past kneeling. Really he did he did he reposes ASTORG. Start when you're on your on it. I'm looking at MOM. Blog crock pot recipes. You got it everybody. That's for another episode. But no okay. So let's let's talk about the salon as wanted us on. Yes we are getting your letters at podcast g mail DOT COM. And we love getting your letters because we try to provide.

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