NBA, Espn, President Trump discussed on Morning Drive with Casey and Elliot


Workshop dot com Towson workshop dot com or call so for legal four four three four seven zero thirty five ninety nine in sports for whatever game of horse NBA on ESPN are working on putting together a televised horse competition the only ones truckload several high profile players using a home gyms are to compete shot for shot in divisional game around the country details are still being smoothed out and his concerns over the growing the virus continue to rise around the country and B. is bracing for the potential cancellation of the twenty nineteen to twenty twenty season on a conference call with all major league sports commissioners on Saturday the president said the NFL should expect to start on time in September other drive by the way goes on from April twenty third to the twenty fifth and other be doing the draft from their respective homes and not from any team facility three water number two zero one your pick for four five two nine at a seven thirty three thousand whether on the three struggling to me construction area courses being gone for a while down the bay bridge back to normal three lanes are clear looks very nice this morning moving across eventually towards I ninety seven we're getting a report of an accident after the ramp at route one ninety eight and the B. W. parkway there may be some restrictions on that brand said suffer that in prince George's county the accident in the city eastern Avenue and Patterson Park Avenue former county out with the record pairing parkway at put him my truck would occur with traffic and weather on the threes on talk radio six eighty WCBS sunshine and warm weather that is how we start off the work week sixty six the high today we've got some rain late tonight and tomorrow scattered showers.

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