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Moh news 1000 FM 97 7 It's not just D. C. A lot of questions are being asked about how a pro trump and he masked group of about 100 was able to breach security and march right up to the front door of the Washington Governorsmansions. Almost Jeff Pooja leg got the latest from Cuomo's Matt Markovich. Have we seen any reaction from lawmakers from the Legislature? What have they said? Yes. Basically asking this say very same questions. This could've been really bad. What happened here? There needs to be better protection and not just for the governor, but they know they see what's going to happen on Monday when the state legislation legislative session begins and they have to be there for that one day, and you and I have both covered legislative sessions. We've got down there and it's been easy, You know? Granted, we're usually wearing our press badges walked right up the steps into the door. I mean, you show your badge to the security guy. You go to the floor of the house or the Senate. And unlike the U. S capital, there are no magnetometers. At the Washington capital. You and I joke Republican walk right in even go walk into the gallery right above. You can't walk onto the floor. They have guards at the floors. Of the sun in the house. But as a person of the public you just pretty easy access. You could walk right into the governor's office. I mean his physical office, but the reception for the governor for the secretary of state For the lieutenant governor. It's all open, so it's very easy access. But because of coded, which is the excuse that there I should say excuse, but the reason why they're keeping it closed. That's why the the Capitol building itself will be closed to the to the public. Unless you have a reason to be there. Your legislator, you have a job to do. Their jokey public cannot enter on Monday. So are we expecting lawmakers to hold hearings on this in the session that begins in a few days? No hearings. I think it's I think my understanding is procedurally. They're going to call for a vote it Z. They have to Make the request and all the lawmakers have to vote as majority in person to go virtual to do a different way of voting in the way a hold hearings. But in order to do that first step, they all physically have to be there. Now that we know as with any session, there will be protests are always our protests on variety of topics. People happen, do it all the time. And for what we're hearing from the normal protest groups. They will continue to do so even though they're going to be on the virtual session almost likely if they vote to do that, which they most likely due on Monday. So on Monday, we anticipate there will be protesters there on Monday. Now the one organizer that kind of help organize the one On Wednesday has called off a similar protests from Monday. I can't remember his name but with the Washington 3% less Jakes credit, Yes. Oh, they've called that off in light of what happened at the U. S. Capitol in light of what they saw in Washington until Olympia here, which, by the way, the Washington 3% group is regarded by many as an all right. Militia group, and so they're always heavily armed whenever they go somewhere, so we're just beginning. I mean, we said what we saw on Wednesday at the U. S Capitol and here at the Washington state capital. Inauguration day, the start of the new legislative session. Who knows? Yeah, I know I thought was interesting. I asked Sergeant Wright, who speaks on behalf of the Washington State Patrol. If people with guns Open Carry, which again it's legal. You can walk around with exposed firearm. Um and you have to have a concealed weapons permit to have it not exposed those of the two rules. Do they have different tactics? If they see people with open carry, do they treat the crowd differently? And he said, no, that's cool. 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That's your money now for what it's worth. I'm Brian Clark tough questions around the riots of the U. S Capitol, especially when it comes to the response by the Capitol Hill Police Unfortunately, lies with the Capitol Hill Police. Even President Trump now is critical of the Capitol police. I think the question is how far up does it go? D C Attorney General Karl Racine and ABC is Pierre Thomas has police knew all about the potential for problems. There were post warning of violence on social media on right wing websites from groups like the Boogaloo and the Proud Boys. The Anti Defamation League put out a release earlier this week. Outlining specific threats to members of Congress. More than 50 officers were hurt, clashing with the mob. But they're also videos that appear to.

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