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No nuts, you heard nuts and you heard tasty, and that's it made you feel like I was saying something sexual didn't say nothing sexual like lavar didn't say, nothing sexual model whatsoever. You said what? He did it. And you know they pulled up old clip from winning seventies. Exact same thing. Molly go shift gears shift them. Did the hand gesture at everything come the fuck on another clip? There was wild. I forget who it was. But you see the one where the dude I forget, which guy was he was trying to get Malaita hike him the ball. No molly's in address. And they're going out there like do to act out of football play. And he's I hear my launch you hike. It kinda like laughing. She's like, no, no, no, no. He's like, come on. I get he keeps on asking her to hike the Paul multiple times. Jesus not being from ESPN was not. I forget, who I don't wanna get the name of Jesus. Yeah. But what are we talking about talking about ralliers? So how do you explain to your friend who wants to wrap this tough, man? It's not. It depends on winning where the conversation, I had that conversation with a friend, actually wrote about it in my last book shook on I, I had a conversation with one of my guys. And I was telling him like, bro. You. Forty something years old you forty. Ios time to find something most do. Right. You know what I'm saying? It's time to, like, like, let's go open a business. You know what I mean? Like I help you with a million other things. Right. But bro. Stop hitting me talking about your when you put my Russkoe radio and net brought. No. Not it right. Like you're forty listen. We can have all the patients in the world when it comes to certain things. But the main reason I always tell people fuck their dreams when it comes to that hip hop shit is because. Always a fuck your dreams if it's not your dream. We see that shit working for other people when you grow up. And especially when you black you grow up in the hood to the people that you see that are, that are successful are usually in entertainment are athletes. You know what I'm saying a lot of that she got to do it hip hop. And so you look at that and you'd be like, oh, that's what I wanna do. But that's not your dream that shit working for somebody else. That's what actually is not working for you. Right. Why you're forty something years old? And Nash is not happening like you. You mean to tell me you haven't figured it out at forty because guess what? Even if you don't have a record deal at least somebody in your hometown should be fucking you. And nobody is nobody is, you know what I'm saying? At least people on your own local radio station be playing. Well, nobody is our forty old rappers and forty year old single women. The same more hopeful forty single. Mojo still a chance. Forty still have babies. You still get married, if you're old women, no kids. Now, I would if I had to acquaint forty year old rappers to women in that department, it'd be like, eighty ninety. At the end of the roll baby. It's over do find something else doing live your life..

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