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Centers dot com hot like in I let me finish up with American Eagle because he had a few more points you want to make and I know you've been chomping at the bit because you're off all last week and I count all your cash right. yeah year old real briefly last week brother but you know you know there are call back me in the night prior at about three thirty want to talk about a little bit of pale in this audience only brown situation you know is yeah you gotta be he makes Jason to look like a genius. right control what you would be bill credits right quick because I know you got some Democrats they listen to you. I don't know why I don't know why they do can you live in because nobody walls merely condo but let me put some reason they purport of group we individuals that don't care about and don't care about the U. some of the most patriotic people dance you'll ever meet in your life. he didn't even have a you will. the democratic the baby at a couple nights ago let you wear these people hate the United. for. he was a ball boy Democrat I would be a shame to the accident at the time at the time delivery they've already told you what they want to do to America they want to reshape America they want to change America into a country and we have never been in before wow wow wow we want to be associated with them in the middle of like a Bernie Sanders or lose the warranty just makes no sense whatsoever why do you why these people are stupid good to want to live in a society that the government has complete control. and I'm going to answer questions you pose a good question these people been brainwashed look at the lousy league schooling they did now days I was talk about last week I saw a thing right here in Cincinnati report card was like a D. I mean love is big major school districts the kids can't even have a third grade education when they're in junior high or high school other lucky to graduate with only able to read and write the sixth grade level and then the ship Amman off to college because it's all about a money grab you know bomb array that big scam and there were you had always henchman take over the student loan operation in the major colleges raw all run by a bunch a left this big Jack. tuition for years and years and years people can't even hardly afford except for the rich in the lead then you got them out there flim flam around out there in California you know all these Hollywood to lead us they think that they can get their kids in whatever school they want to get pay somebody often phony up some things like there track stars are rolling stars or whatever this is the whole thing of what's going on around the country you got a bunch of error you get a lead us laugh this and they believe this hog wash these democratic debates because they've been brainwashed. yeah there could you ways and they you know you got the job he's not looking at protests are right now about global warming you know some that Al Gore is in this way you'll see. we did it online when you use the claim that all don't be a. on the way. everybody everybody will be playing a old. absolutely no bartender. you got to be one of the government in the visual. in Washington DC and why people continue to live content is garbage they're seen as the pages makes absolutely no sense the way they. my grandfather told me well the young boy every time the Democrats opening now they do sell out they really are they did make bail the main thing is they're going to the Democrats to do is keep they mouth closed. thank you if they want to have any chance of being Donald Trump because the more to Joe Biden opens his big well if we do make it more and more and that the Gallup poll will be the leading contender. yeah they go by and people all talking road people you are where you come right out of the White. thank you America you that's the American Eagle flight sky high that we had that little short break come back I'm a get the dipper in donkey robin Matthew in a couple guys dropped off but the call back up I haven't really given the numbers out here lately five one three seven four nine seven thousand or the A. T. and national number eight eight eight eight six zero eight seven eight five never remember we shift gears around here so would that matter were you driving the big Gregory ride a Harley you gotta know how to shift gears and we can do it around here whatever you want to talk about just keep it between the navigational booties right here at eighty..

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