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So this has been in the works for a while. We looked at what a lot of open source foundations do and some of the some of the models that we really liked. We looked especially like foundation also f sharp foundation. Allow community members to allow open source contributors to become members and that allows them to run for a board seat and to vote in the elections. And so it's you know, as opposed to some foundations are really kind of more of a pay to play model, and you have these, you know, large companies contributing a million dollars and they get a board seat. And really what we wanted to do is have more of a community run thing. So right. Yeah. So that's really the the big first thing we're announcing is we're expanding from three to seven Ord seats, and anyone that's contributed to a dot net foundation project can both vote in the elections and run for the elections. And only one where we're having one one board seat is appointed by Microsoft and the rest are all voted for by the community. Right. So that's kind of the first big thing. Okay. Awesome. I'm. Imagine the kind of the decision making that the board's going to be committed to like what what's the job. That's yeah. That's a great question. So I mean the foundation like it is kind of a. I can tell you what we've done in the past. But part of what we're excited about is that the board is given this mandate of supporting the open source dot net ecosystem, and they can kind of take this and run with it in some way that, you know, myself in and Beth, and, you know, the kind of group we've had so far some things we may not have even thought of. But some things that we've done in the past one is we support a lot of open source dot net projects. So these are, of course, like horsey alarm and core effects and SPN, and, you know, those those kind of ones that were contributed by Microsoft, and then also some some important projects that are developed by the community and also donated to the Dutton in foundation. So there's include a recent one that joined was Jason dot net the largest nuclear package, you know, by far and then also. You know, like autumn apper. I mean, there's just tons of them. There's dozens so one big thing is we support these projects in, you know, in the past that's been like, I p legal contributing to things like hosting certificates and signing servers and build servers and that kind of stuff, but we'd love to do more. I think there's more we would love to accelerate bringing projects on. And then also what we can do to support those projects. So what does it mean? Exactly when you support a project. I know that you know, it's not like you shepherd the project. It's not like, you are the guys that are handling pull requests. And all that. But it's more like a curation right is kind of curation and also a little bit more like a back office support kind of thing. So there are some there are some foundations that are really kind of get in and kind of our very picky. They're very selective. They're like we'll have just one, you know, web server framework, and we'll have just one of. Of this. And we're going to you know, really there are several things we've got where there's there's multiple different things that are in the same kind of similar space. So so we don't try and play favorites completely. You know, we try and pick projects that are important to the community. And then with that it's more kind of a, you know, we're behind the scenes supporting them. So we're not trying to tell people what to do. We're instead trying to say, for instance, X unit say they need a new SSL cert- say they need some say, we've had projects recently where someone, you know, had some GDP are questions and needed legal advice. So, you know, we we we support them with legal services. It's great what we think of is. There's these projects where you've got just a few developers even on some really important projects..

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