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Center of the 14th Street bridge. You part around it, and you're in a backup from the Pentagon to 70 North found where the road surfaces right. Freezing. They've already got three inches of snow in Frederick North Bend to 70 Crash between 80 and 85. Now from Garage Door repaired calm the W when l storm art 74 cats round one A bit of a nothing burger big sharp cut off. There was snow and where there is just some snow mixed with rain. Cloudy today. The high temperature 37 degrees. Rotting were mostly cloudy. The high 32 active. We've got another storm coming in on Saturday that could produce him freezing rain. I'm ABC seven meteorologist Veronica Johnson and this termite seven Weather Center. Right now, it is 33 Burn 32 in Rockville, 35 at Reagan National. I'm John Matthews on 105.9 FM. Washington's mall. W M. A L. Now Washington mornings on the mall. Good Thursday morning. 706 some mornings on the mall joining us A one hour we'll be with Jim trustees, former Justice Department prosecutor he'll. Recap day two of the impeachment trial in at 8 15 Veronica Johnson from Storm Watch. Seven joins us more wintry weather Heading our way She'll tell us what to expect on Mary Walter Wittman's colonies. Morning. Well, Good morning. One of the big questions right now is what will the Biden administration do with China? What's our relationship? Look like with the Communist Party going forward and helping us sort through. All of that right now is General Jack Keane is retired four star general and the chairman of the Institute for the Study of War and a Fox News. Senior Strategic analyst. General King Great Have you back with us here at the large angry here? That's America, Sir. Big news this week. One of the big headlines. I'm not sure how much we can take from it is the World Health Organization announcing that we should no longer look seriously at the idea that the Corona virus originated in A Level four laboratory in Wuhan, China, that Wuhan Institute of our ology, they said. It's very unlikely it came from there, and in fact, we shouldn't research it anymore. The United States came out and said, Well, not so fast. The jury's still out. That's what the State Department said the White House, Additionally,.

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