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About you in a revised state it just hit me like a like a hammer by state I don't have really I wonder you know that right now right now in our country we're being told that farmers have to destroy produce pouring out milk and you know why that's happening we'll get to some of this later maybe we got so much to get to the restaurateurs are no longer ordering food you never really think about the stuff until all of a sudden wow I never thought about that do you think about when you go to a restaurant citrus bowl as down you got that kid the scream that should never been arrested on a first place you don't take them there until they're twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen and how to act okay okay okay anyway there you are waitress comes up and your menu you order some food and you eat it all in this great fabulous hopefully tipped at least twenty percent that's the starting point and end you you just take it for granted well you can't get to the restaurants anymore and I don't think I regret any more he is Stepanek about how that was every impossible in the first place thank you everything had to have I mean that cow out there somewhere in Texas by the New Mexico next thing you know it's on a truck it shipped somewhere maybe the Chicago or whatever and then it's slaughtered the meat gets on another truck and goes into a packaging processing plants and then they stamp some kind of a bar code on it and it gets to where the restaurateur gets his food and a whole bunch of steps in between that but the next thing you know it's another trucking to comes to well whatever restaurant you're gonna go to a gets a taken down by a guy named truck with Cisco on the side some guy puts it on a hand truck and takes it in and then they got to put it in the in the refrigerator the guy that put that that services that refrigerator brings in the refrigerant to keep that meet cold until they need it to feed your selfish **** okay and that do think about that that then I'm just scratching the surface here just I mean the guy that made the paint that went on the side of the truck for the letters that say Cisco this entire chain has been nuked right now no it's the same thing is of a neutron bomb had been dropped on us that's what's happening right now in the American economy that is not hyperbole how do we pull this back so I want to revise take I have a few in my freezer but can I go on get more when I run out well if I do I have to go stand in the food line yeah I would need for you to comply will have free I know that's my point we'll have to we'll have to we'll have to do that it's ridiculous that we have to do that but because of the people that are supposed to be supposed to be running this open staff from running this which is that the free market economy we're in a situation where we don't have food lines medicine lines heaven forbid you wanna go buy some lawn furniture right now the state of Michigan anyway about your stay that's been deemed nonessential value you can't buy that says our governor WTF you don't essential every waking moment and every aspect of our American life every bit of it I don't give a damn if it's your nail Polish baby I don't care if it's your lawn chairs I don't care what it is it's all a central it's what makes America America all the material stuff that all those hippies this excuse to say Dutch materialistic yeah and is wonderful every single bit of it is America so get out of the way governor Whitmer talk more about that in a second Matt thank you for patiently standing by welcomed on the edge thanks their own can you hear me OK I can hear you okay you want to talk about racism and what rooms well I'm actually kind of past that now having listened to especially the previous caller but yeah they're my regional for calling was the state yet the I was incensed when our governor came out after hearing through gasoline race card on the whole situation I I only have a because a couple of questions and that is of course the the predominantly the predominant population of the city of Detroit and the number of people that have become sick and become unscrew unfortunately have passed away is emblematic of the fact that the demographic is so much of that type of population I eat enter any place else Morgan for those that are are from this area to try to strain a black city so full so if want so yeah you're gonna get a huge percentage of people in Detroit that are dying are gonna be black so the fact that the governor throws the race card out there after our attorney general very good yesterday it's just they say don't politicize the virus yes there are publicizing what they're doing you're absolutely correct under percent yeah and and the people that I could that could be reporting this and call around fort they're not they're too busy vilifying Donald Trump transistors marriages family in our America well that that will get my blood pressure was at a fever pitch down but listening to the gentleman who called just before and the fact that he has bent over backwards to try and do your beneficial things to help the situation to address the problems are are all crying out about and you can even get it are you I'm so close the swearing I wish you know I don't know where it is I have to I will I won't I don't want to do you can't even get somebody to call him back on the phone yeah yeah well that's what he said and the only thing I can think of it he hit the nail on the head with it his his analysis on might be I don't know that it's still not an excuse is that the supply chain is so bogged down now with people getting stuff that they're not always we don't have time to deal with that that's nonsense because anybody is trying to get some to the state that would help all of our medical people everything I our first responders if they can't find a way to get people to take those calls that's rich that's unacceptable unacceptable no I'm sorry your honor placement agency yeah I if there's anybody you can reach out to please do and then have to get with me you know to contact me and and exit when radio dot com to get with me and I'll get the information to a because and I wanna make a couple calls after the show about this I don't know anybody can do anything but I want I want an answer as to why the man was just on the phone to him and his company are not being not getting a call back at least to say you know what we already got warehouses full number room for this which is absurd but but whatever about Patrick Colbeck while his mother doesn't wanna call he's probably listening right now I don't know all right listen thanks for the comment share good stuff yeah how about you anybody out there that knows anything about our contacts a gentleman called said he's already reached out to a number of political is meeting people elected office right now holding office that could call the governor's office and say Hey I'm so and so in the house or in the Senate and I'd like to speak directly with the governor are they doing that I don't know I don't know I'd sure like to know if anybody listening others in that position and if they are why not I mean at a certain point you've got the governors here just because you're in Lansing and you're part of her team or you know a Democrat that is so I have another political owner reach out to no not gonna do it on air so Donald Trump in his press conferences I I've made the statement to several friends I made it on the radio I made on Facebook I am sold through with these press conferences I don't want to see is my pal calls as Michael Beth culture the scarf lady I don't see Fauci I'm sick of it I don't I don't want to see Donald Trump up there answer the question five times in the same paragraph I take it all back and here's why here's why not apologising I'm just every assistance Celica done anything to projects for my analysis on that the beginning was please president trump going to the oval offers put together something analogous to what Delano Roosevelt used to call the fire side chat take it to the people get it on C. span if nothing else voxel Lou Dobbs are covered on the his a function of nothing else but get the information to people that way because why stand there in front of a bunch of reporters to do nothing but trying to play gotcha there there that they hate you there there that they want to destroy your presidency they want to destroy America bye bye do fall just because of that they want to do nothing to help the situation and when they're stupid question well don't you think you're being racist Donald Trump by calling his lawyers are trying to does that stupid little girl that stupid little girl that no doubt has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in journalism from some prestigious university asking a question like that and I wonder she went out for Chinese food after that I wonder if after that news coverage you said your boyfriend or husband whatever Hey let's get Chinese tonight stupider my point is is I I've just gotten so burned out of what.

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