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John lesser was named the opening day starter for the Chicago Cubs shot or no shot. He will lead the cubs in wins and ERA this season. No shot. I'd say no shot. I that's why I asked tired of Jesse by him as the lead dog of the staff, but the number one pitcher on their staff this year is number twenty eight Kyle engine. That's what I was gonna say Hendrix. I just there's gotta be some small drop off. I think he's still going to be he's John Lester, we love you still going to deliver. Just can you do it again, a dad high level yet again, I'm just a little bit of drop off? But the other guys pick him up. Ideally, I don't have a bad. Yeah. I think he's have a good year. Got a great year. So that reason I think college is do free great year. I'm gonna go college. There you go. All right, next up sticking with the baseball theme. Tim Kirk chin on the baseball tonight podcast. He said this. Let's listen to the audio. And then I will ask the question. NFL central is loaded. We have three teams that I could see making the playoffs the cubs. The brewers and cardinals. I'm so impressed. What I've seen with the cardinals this spring. The reds are significantly better than they were last year. Not just with two outfielders who can hit the ball out the ballpark. But what they've done with their rotation and pirates. Remember, everyone thought the pirates gonna win sixty games last year. And instead they were even a mile competitor for a wildcard there briefly. They're not a bad team. But they're not a pushover like we have in some other divisions. So I think the central is the best because there isn't a bad team in that division. So that's Tim Kirch in Shannon. No shot. He's right. And the NFL central is the best division in all baseball Shah top to bottom, right? Kept wants the reds made on those moves. I said okay now, the reds are even decent. Where's the, Al? Where's the easy team? Moore's the seller loaded the division is the best in baseball top to bottom loaded.

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