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Correspondent Vicki Barker for years now Queen Elizabeth has held family Christmas is at her centering on a state she follows the German tradition set by Queen Victoria and her German husband prince Albert exchanging presents on Christmas Eve night Christmas day is for going to church and then sitting down to a massive lunch followed by charades in the drawing room among this year's absentees prince Harry and Megan they're reportedly spending the holidays in Canada with her mother and baby Archie Vicki Barker CBS news London charades charade with the queen yeah the interesting though mother I said movie because what if she's a you know not any good at it you can't be like I don't know right wing on my team do not want you on my team right today is Christmas Eve it's December twenty fourth it was on this date in two thousand two this was seventeen years ago today laci Peterson Modesto California was last seen alive she was eight months pregnant at the time at four months later her body the body of her unborn child were found at her husband Scott Peterson was arrested laci's mother Sharon she couldn't bring herself to speak his name I can only hope that the sound of laci's voice begging for her life and begging for the life of her unborn child is heard over and over and over again in the mind of that person every day for the rest of his life Scott Peterson later convicted of first degree murder he's now on death row at San Quentin December twenty fourth nineteen sixty eight the crew of Apollo eight went into orbit around the moon they became the first humans to do so millions of people back home watching astronaut Frank Borman read from the book of genesis.

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