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We had a multi vehicle accident that brought the George Washington Bridge to gridlock. All lanes were blocked port authority of New York. New Jersey said that your lanes did reopen shortly after six thirty this past evening, but still many delays in addition to the George Washington Bridge. Blink closed the Holland tunnel. And the Lincoln tunnel both were experiencing delays as well had a disabled tractor trailer that blocked all westbound lanes of the guavas expressway that the belt Parkway split in Brooklyn. About four thirty in the afternoon. Central park. They say picked up six inches of snow by Thursday evening port authority bus terminal in Manhattan was closed to any more passengers at about five thirty in the evening that was so overcrowded, according to the New York Times only a limited number of buses were able to make it to the terminal. After being in line for about an hour, Maryland page in executive assistant who works in midtown was still a block away from the entrance to the bus terminal and her bus to Passaic, and she said, it isn't even a real storm. Someone just didn't plan well for this thing. So there were a number of closures on independent Vania the turnpike came to a standstill for hours. Several interstates were closed bridges has ahead iced over in numerous locations. A person identified as Kristen and on Twitter said she got on the turnpike in quakertown about twelve thirty in the afternoon.

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