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Man, we start our number three. I am almost all again almost not quite we may have the phone lines back coming up this hour. Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelsey. That's coming up next segment. Bobby wilder is that football coach at ODU. They had amazing upset over the weekend. And we will have that conversation. He's in a meeting right now. We're efforting him as soon as he's out of the meeting. We will have him on the program. In the meantime, we are coming to you live from the Quicken Loans studios. Apply simply understand fully mortgage confidently. Dear Rome, the dolphins are for real regards the Washington generals breaking out to an early six. Nothing lead on the Globetrotters. Stephen ph X wore the cardinals retiring Sam Bradford during next games. Halftime. Or maybe he'll go vantera inches. Do it himself. I doubt it a lot of money on the table for Sam Bradford. Then again vantera a lot of money on the table to not Sam Bradford money, but he was looking at like four million bucks. I think that we are going to see Josh Rosen. We did see him yesterday. But I think we'll see him next week too. Check the phones in one second. Dear Rome just want update. The clones on the status of the raiders John food in socks sign. The NFL crystal longer in Saint Pete more Mark Davis paying food in in coupons and free buffet tickets. Pizzas layer tweets. My phone is not working either side urban Meyer. All right. I'm trying to find out whether or not my phone's work, there is only one way to find out. It all started. When I tried to take a telephone call from Tyler and Edmonton way back when I was talking about Tiger Woods. We know. Tyler is a big tiger honk not as big as Hawke who literally got on the air and said he was having dream day on a day when our phones didn't work. Let's try it. Again, we go to Tyler in shred Minton. Tyler what's going on Rome making hear me s sound great up. I'm good. You should be a little bit easier and hawker, and I've been melting hearts and nothing phone line. Nineteen ninety my friend. It's kind of funny out of all the things that you do or say nothing makes me self reflect more than when you say your friends would call a radio show. So I got thank you for that. And I actually I do you got to send a sincere? Thank you for you. And your team over there. I received that masterbuilt smoker in the mail on Friday, and I can imagine shipping something to imitate exactly cheap. So I wanna thank you for that. You know? I know you're probably thinking it would be easier to easier and cheaper to deliver. When Vic, but that guy simple calls couldn't even beat one of my emails and besides who better to send a smoker to than me. Right. I mean, we already talked about this. You guys are always coming in with your straight fire moose smack. But did you found out is even realize that moose meat is the leanest meat on the planet? Moose meat has virtually no fat. Not so read up here. You don't get no eight-pack by eating like, Phil Mickelson, right? When you eat like Phil you play like, Phil. What did that guy even finish like plus twenty eight that guy and by the way, just because I'm the CEO of the tiger hawk nation. Doesn't mean I'm gonna come in here. Embarrassed myself. I'm not like Cleveland morons that called in crying. When the Cavs one like that Brown's friend from last Friday. Speaking of that guy. I can guarantee that guy has another winless streak that parallels. The Brown old winless streak, and you can't wash away those kind of streets with Bud Light orange, orange only. Chokers drink Bud Light, orange only posers, like Rory mcilroy drink Bud Light, orange only fat deplorable losers. Like spill drink, bud. Light orange narrow me. I can kinda agree with you on some of your point tiger honks. We do need to pump the brakes a bit because this is only the beginning of what's going to be another magical run for the cat. I mean, really this is only the start of the quest for twenty majors even as honks need to get back into rhythm. And remember what it's like to be at the top of our game for years on end staring down losers. Like, spill Nicholson. CEO of tiger honk Inc. I haven't message to honks everywhere. Already responsibly because we're just getting started is always wrong. I'm Perot ham Tyler in shred Minton. That is such a good call even for a honk like you tie, bro ham, much respect well done. That's a call. Did makes this show better me repeat that that's a call that makes this show better. That's a call did ninety nine point nine percent of you who aspired to be in the smack off probably could never make. Because you don't have that guy's game. You don't have that guy skills. You can't do that. I just did. And yes, he's in Edmonton. You fat Americans don't like that. But it's a fact. I love the way he turned that rap about the moose meat on Ted to tell you fat Americans talking about how we're probably sitting here. Eating moose meat, right? It's the leanest meat. There is you don't look like this. Another reason why you really need CBS sports network. You've got to see the pictures. They put up with that cat when he calls the show. And opposes so good. So at least now we have a huge call. We may not have had phone lines that worked earlier, but I've got a phone call that got rack. And in the meantime, I'm efforting. Not only my efforting. But I found my guest as promised. We're joined right now by the head football coach at Old Dominion. He was hired at ODU in two thousand seven the school had not had a team for nearly seventy years at the time of his hiring. He led the monarchs to one ballgame in two F C playoff appearances and OD you beat number thirteen Virginia Tech forty nine thirty five on Saturday there at ECU Saturday this coming Saturday. Bobby wilder is my guest, Bobby. It's so good to have you on good morning. How are you? Hey, Jim great to be with you. Please go ahead and rack me for being late. I apologize. Now. You got it for your coach, listen no problems roughly an hour after the game. You said the win still had not yet sunk in not even a little more time. How does it feel to know that you an ODI you beat number thirteen Virginia Tech forty nine thirty five has sunk in yet. It. It definitely has now Jim because you're not you're not thinking about the magnitude of of the game until it's over. And you've had people telling you that you that that you were part of one of the biggest upsets if not the biggest upset in college football history. And it was it was an in state game. Jim, and I don't know how many people aware of this. We don't have professional sports in Virginia. So Virginia Tech football is if Virginia Tech football is the biggest thing in the states, sports wise and for Old Dominion a program that we're we're celebrating our tenth year right now. Virginia Tech's played for one hundred twenty four years. This is our tenth year. This was a really big deal to not only get this win over number thirteen. But to have it be Virginia Tech. And have it be on our campus was probably the biggest moment in the history of Old Dominion university. Bobby wilder joining us, Bobby. It's not just a win. It's how you did it. I mean, do you didn't just beat Virginia Tech you dominated them with six hundred and thirty two yards. The most of the bud foster defense is ever allowed. And you did it with a backup quarterback coming off the bench to throw for nearly five hundred yards. Exactly, how did this happen. How do you explain that? The I can tell you Jim we we put together a game plan against what we knew would be a lot of pressman coverages too specific formations and we have to fifth year wide receivers. Jonathan do heart. Travis full that are both and F L prospects. We put them both on the outside in these specific formations where we knew it'd be man coverage and they had a redshirt freshman corner and a sophomore corner revolt. Excellent players they played extremely good football against Florida state in the first week. And we said this has gotta be our opportunity to win. We have to win these matchups, and I talked to both of those players in front of the entire team and said to Travis and Jonathan this has got to be your week and then are starting quarterback. Stevie Williams went the first series, and then our backup Blake LaRussa came in the second and like LaRussa. First password on one yard line. He throws a thirty yard strike versus man Fogelman. Then we just went with him. And he stayed hot the entire game. Jim he hit pass after pass against man coverage. And and let's be honest you, and we didn't we didn't stop them authencity. They one of the best offenses in America. They had six hundred yards, but we got so much momentum from our offense. And then the stadium was just getting louder and louder and you could feel the intensification of the football game. But that's really how it happened. And we had to wideouts that both had big time games on a quarterback that just caught fire Old Dominion, head football coach, Bobby Wilders, my guest now Bobby you've said that to win a game like this to pull something off like this. You've got to have a couple of things number one belief to really set the stage folks have to understand you came into this game is a twenty nine point underdog the first three games of the season head knock on. Well. The program was Owen nine against power five opponents losing by an average margin of twenty eight points. You you in the players believed. You could beat a. Very good Virginia Tech team. Where did the believe for that? Come from. How do you believe something like that? But we started off last Sunday. Jimmy, right. We weren't feeling very good about ourselves. We'd lost three games. But we'd always one at Old Dominion, we've always had a winning program. And we started by talking about the anatomy of an upset. How does an upset happened? I went all the way back to the nineteen eighty Olympic hockey team. We talked about different experiences, and the number one thing you you have to believe in that you can do it believe in the game plan. So we all work together on the game plan. How would we do this number two? You have to have something positive happened early in the game. And we did that Virginia Tech scored first. And then we answered and all of a sudden it seven two seven. And we didn't score against them last year. They beat us thirty eight to nothing Blacksburg. So we just scored a touchdown. So that was a huge momentum for us. And then right before the half Jim are freshman corner. Gironde hall gets an interception, and we go seventy nine yards and score with four seconds left. Now, it's fourteen to fourteen at the half. So part two of that something good happening. We said we have to go into halftime and be close. We were then part three was at the end of the third quarter. We've got to be within striking distance what we were down twenty eight twenty one when you do that. Then you put doubt in the other team in the opponent. So there was doubt on the other side line. There was doubt never junior tech fan base. That was there. How is this happening? How Old Dominion with us? And then the last thing I said to him as you just gotta cut it loose in the fourth quarter because you're playing for history, you're playing for the opportunity to say, I was the first ever do everything you just mentioned your plan for the opportunity than twenty five years from now when you come back with your family. I was. On that team. And here's what happened in that game. And we just cut it loose in the fourth quarter. We outscored them twenty eight to seven for just an incredible historical win. It's amazing thing to see from the outside..

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