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President I love when these get ready get on the Air Force marine to order the call that helicopter rides around I don't know of any whatever that is whatever he's ready to get on or the press will be screaming things in the in the stop and ask question and answer questions I love that I love that because his bully punches and hill single people out and he'll say things to them that up really kind of like a **** slap him and he tells the truth now he he just did that today and it was just it was just a just astounding when he took a of I think it was an M. S. L. G. B. T. reporter a task and actually said to him you know you guys are worse than CNN the term the CNN guys to jurors up the past it was I'm sort of paraphrasing but that's what he did and and the whole thing about the recession that they're trying to use as a as a tool to crush trump they what they want to make sure that the general populace things there's a recession it's all trump's fall everything from his deal with trying to it's it's making a recession happens all from fall we're gonna get somebody that was reasonable it'll get us back in the good graces of trying to and we can all buy cheap stuff and I'm going to be wonderful tall I by the way tell a lie zombie media is evil for rolling out we're talking straight up I'm along the same lines as Russian or Chinese propagandists hundred percent and up what trump's doing is what Bill Clinton should have done what Hussein Obama should have done George Bush should have done everyone of should have stopped this nipped in the bud so we're not gonna let the Chinese walk away with billions of were more of more of her twins with adults trillion dollars worth of a value and stolen electoral property over decades of completely completely seating to China so that the law of Wall Street and people love greedy **** can make a th just a ton adult and global scan command make a ton adult at the expense of America doubt there's I mean it they may have to invest all mora invest in America but that's the way to go and now trump is finally said enough is enough and he's taking heat for here's something else to say that is a straight up truth I've said this ever since I've been on the radio I don't know how if you are Jewish how can you vote for a Democrat how how a David Horowitz is a stone of by this do not it didn't harm was Jewish and he's explained this before he said you know the reason as a Jew my family voted out straight left us tonight and he was an ardent communist for longest time he said and it it Russian Jews who said that they wanted to remember where you're from they resonate toward a collective and I feel free to come take me to task if you're Jewish or do you know what take guy issue with this but this is Haro speaking not me he was explaining that they had to be collective rotor survive because Jews have been set up on a sailed discriminated against every every stripe flavor of just horrible thing you can imagine is happen to them in any country they've been in and so what they do is they gonna come together and share in order to make everything work and he said that is the the core of a Jew skewing towards socialist type of political persuasion and the Omar this group that has this David Horowitz he finally came to his senses and moved away from the Communist Party was art communist so a lot of his family as as well but he moved away became one of the most I'd say sharpest swords in the the fight the fight toward the long war defeating socialism ever he's David Horowitz freedom center front page mac dot com one because cats ever now listen to what god ultra person uses any Jew voted for Democrats voted democratic is uninformed or disloyal I agree how to prison showing the first willingness to play politics along religious lines president Donald Trump said American Jews vote for Democrats show either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty that's not playing politics logic driven question statement the whole thing why do you over Democrats is insane trump's claim triggered a quick report from critics who said Republican president was trading in an estimate Exter trading in and I some extra tests no he's not well it came amid trump son going feud with Democrat representatives all how to Mar Anna refused to leave four Muslim by the way trump is closely aligned himself with Israel including conservative prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu while the Congress winner spoken critics of Israel's treatment of Palestinians dollar straight up and as an idea so much with they are no this is strong and here here is talking to reporters where has the Democrat party gone where have they gone where they are defending these two people over the state of Israel I think any Jewish people the vote for Democrats I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty how do you how could you take issue with that statement on the part of the president a number of Jewish groups nor the accusations of disloyalty have long been made against Jews including in Europe during nineteen thirties aha that's a propaganda live forever was what he's talking about being disloyal to your self got it not to the country this is straight a propaganda lies in Lewis mark moment of Democrat majority for Israel called when was dangerous deadly accusations Jews have faced over the years false charges of disloyalty over the centuries of love to do is bring murder jail or torture these people are doing a disservice to Judaism these two Jews writer what they're accusing the president of again present as saying if you vote for Democrat you're disloyal and you're crazy is grandpa's rat basically and they're saying whoa whoa whoa whoa if you vote for a Democrat you're using us of being disloyal to the states of America that's not what he's saying and it's so stupid simple understand what is actually saying you say you're voting against yourself you say the Democrat party is no anti semitic party all the way I was not the right near Fazle Hussain Obama and all the crew he ran with the so you're being disloyal to your self not to the country the country stands by you fools from called Omar disaster for Jews said he didn't buy the tears that totally should Monday nor do I she discussed her situation should your grandma anyway there you have another little more to this but man what's going on out there I mean how is it that the propagandists just keep rolling this out and the American public either willfully disconnected woefully disconnected or one hundred percent aiding and abetting other propaganda campaign that is a long war when they're on the wrong side of it we want to win in the end we want to say this Republic one American sovereignty would like little kids is stepping educated again so they don't have to put up with this crap now I yesterday I told you that the government was a was asking by the way I just learned something here I did not know and I'll be the first one to a make good I don't let me do it right now while I mom on the radio there we go let's see it work posted a picture I I thought when I did it that it it wasn't real to put a payment itself on Mar in Somalia looking at a rifle and the age is not doesn't coincide with what her actual age is I put up somebody caught it I just took it down okay okay now hi somebody wants to talk to me let's see do they want to talk to me I'm hoping it's Jewish person they want to try and explain why I'm strong I'd love to take that to task let's see all it's Mike Mike welcomed on the edge Hey say around yeah what's the difference between a cavalcade in June when I mean what's the difference from the Catholic Andrew well one believes in Jesus Christ as our lord saviour one thanks to Jesus Christ the lord and savior has not come to earth and anyway what what what's your point get your point well I Catholic wall all walk in the front door of the bar did you will still enter in a telepathic injured joke where they come from I just made a very valid point Mike has made a very valid point and it is not to be diminished in any way by stupidity quite seriously this is a this is legit question why are Jews voting for Democrats they're voting for their own demise Democrats are progress serves what we're **** progressives and what happens with all progressives what's the bottom line D. in a court of a progressive at a certain point when they gain critical mass enough power to gain absolute control they end up getting rid of people they don't like that's what they did that's what the progressives that's what the at that time Democrats socialists did with the Jews in Germany stopping still there were next year every day Monday through Friday three to six PM eastern standard.

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