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And and bring him to pets for I would solve a lot of problems right before the draft cause this is not an inside linebacker heavy draft at all. So I think that's the best way to do it quarters or nice. There's some lace quarters this year, Tony, but. I don't think I really don't see them doing it as well in the draft. Especially in the first round at inside linebacker. It's not as loaded as was last year. So what are your thoughts on off season personnel? Where do you see the making a bigger impact in the traff war going against the grain and going free agency? Say, you know, their their biggest need again, we have to be inside linebacker 'cause something that Jerry do that said something for the start of the season that still resonates me. He said when you're you're slowing inside linebacker your defense. So because you don't have anybody that can get the silent sideline and gets you know on down the middle on passing plays. And I think we saw a lot last year especially over the middle. So I like your idea of J Moseley at twenty it's hard to get those kind of guys, you know, even at cornerback. It's hard to get those really impact players. So if they can, you know, they're gonna have money like you said, they could if they could make a deal for Moseley somehow, someway. Be a traitor and come to his top rival, Allah Neil Smith with from the chiefs of the Broncos make it happen. And then and then you, you know, if you if you get a guy like that it's solves a lot because we saw Ryan says here he still heavy lifting for that defense. He covered up for a lot of lot of weaknesses. And after you need in the middle of that field. You need somebody that you cover up for quite frankly, lack of play make this in especially in the secondary. They don't really have guys they can make there impact players and secondary. They have it. They've done a lot better. Obviously Joe Hayden is a godsend in in a pro bowler. But even he's not somebody take over football game for you. So yeah, I think the number one need is a is inside linebacker. You know, something very interesting is if you're a guy like CJ Moseley Buffy Newsom, Donna, it's has retired. So you don't have to he can't really play the Alabama card on you. You don't have to honor that you know, you could. And I I'm sure that was he was a well respected GM other guys loved him. And he had that connection with Alabama which has definitely served that defends very well. So I too late of that. But I mean, that's going to be the truth. He doesn't have to. He doesn't have to honor his ties Alabama has much and he can go after the money. And by the way, the Neal Smith reference fantastic. I I don't think I would have pulled that one out especially when I completely forgot about that for you to does to you on the Smith. I love it finally. Coaching? We we've got to continue to talk about the Steelers coaching. There was eight another skill coach. That was a casualty of course last week. I believe it was Wednesday when Joey porter got his pink slip from. I know he was very close to Mike Tomlin. But he was he was relieved of his duties in Pittsburgh as the outside linebacker coach now today chain Saks in the running back coach which travel surprise to me that he was let go even though they had one of the worst rushing attacks in the game. You gotta think of what they lost. And what they lost due to injury with the situation. I think he was I think that's a tough one. I think he was wrongly scapegoated for that. But he's he's going as well in that happened today. Mike. Months could be gone, but that would be of his own accord so with faxing today, and let's let's put like months ACA side. 'cause like I said that's not the team's doing or the Steelers done making moves..

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