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Side, you just give yourself a good strong that everyone took a fucking wacked the face and didn't say, boo, and just went, sat down, shut the fuck up and then practice started again. It didn't fuck around. Yeah, it's rough out there, but Doug extended, especially, I think an MA has now been by the president declared the national sport. It's like that could say paying with our national animal. I mean, he says, it's, he's a dictate stuff. We'll get your own Emma may league. So he does on an of course. Yeah. Other than that, though he's into charity. An art either way. Grapevine, do you think it breaks paper you record to Dana sites on two point? Five. I think he's full of shit. I don't. I don't think it breaks two million. I have a better feel for this. I know I'm not missing f of the world me neither, but but but I think it does. Well, I think it does somewhere. You know, I, I don't think I don't know if it beats Connor. Nate Diaz to it, says it beat canal the Cannella, triple g fight. What do we know that out yet? Would that doesn't beat that? Was that was that numbers that it should be that? Yeah, because that would be surprising. I bet it'd be that. What is that. Point three. It surpass that should be around a million. So that won't says one point one. Okay, it'll beat that. And he saying does Dana goes is trend at two point, five million what she's back, shake crazy. Okay. That's your type. Yeah, for me. That hasn't been that much David to win five million. I mean to be, I mean, like, you know what I mean? 'cause two point five million people buying five, nine people watch this show. I'd be like, that's nothing. It's in ratings, but if we charge seventy dollars having shit a lot of money seventy bucks a lot. Yeah. Yeah. When when sixty percent of Americans have five hundred dollars in the Bank yet gig and there's so many ways to legally stream it now. Yeah, so I will be buying it legally where you watching it the legally we couldn't kidding. We could watch it with Mr.. I suppose if you and I pulled strings and said to Joe Rogan, we want to go to the fight bitchy could get tick. I would not go to, but I wouldn't either. Keep asking baby enough. I don't think I can go to that. No, I wouldn't. I don't. I don't want to be around. I won't be home in watching it. I'd rather not what this is, how I'd rather not watch it, then go to it. So it said, dude, the only Regan. See if you see in person. Otherwise you can't watch at home like, cool, I'm watching. I right. I do not want to be around that the crowd. That's not my thing. Yeah. Yes, can be good though that it brother. That's it. Oh. Why he then friend. Yeah. Do few dates ran back on the road dogs back dude. The roadlog is bad date. You gotta date Christly and I Mr. crystalline I are doing the Hong Kong in, oh, this Wednesday, in Ventura, we're doing two shows this Wednesday at the Hong Kong in. Yeah. Give you the link two hundred three. Secondly, they're they're about four hundred tickets. Left the on Clave sold any to. Two hundred. There's two shows how many teams left four hundred tickets. They so get your tickets immediately because. Coming out where the Hong Kong. The Hong Kong is in Ventura County. And it's going to be well, it's going to be and Krista, Leah and tickets are at t fat, Kate dot, b. p. t. what's thought you were going to be doing it and. This is awkward. Yeah, b. p. Peteet dot me. Is it on a k.. Well. This is the worst of all the way there. It is all they look Ruggerio. It's gonna be there though. I be me and Brennan CIA, but now it's crystal. French Brian Calvert not only probably call them and tell them that. All right. This is not what I'll be there. This Wednesday, Mia, Christly..

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