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Teen horses seems like a lot, right? Yeah, it's not. It's kind of normal. Okay. Was it? I don't want to go from Warri into miss Patty. I feel like I got the winning horse, right? Mattie, losing or miss Patty, I she has better odds fifteen to one of his Patty. Let's go petty. Sounds very entertaining. What are the odds on Keitel. Twelve to one. All right. How bad? Let's go to keep who is the favourite to win this. The favorite is mine. I think with dynamic dancer and then Betamax no, two, two, seven. Two two is better than two to one, isn't it? No. Oh, Oh no. no, his three and a half to one. So. All right. Two to one, Sarah Spain, of course at see mean. This all seems rigged, to be honest with you, do you think Lorenzo went through the races and tried to match up the most sort of horse names that would match up with the the people in the league and pick that particular race? You think it's that involve and he's a Star Wars dork and he gave himself the dawn of solo. I think he just picked the race with the most horses in it who knows, man, this guy is not logical. I don't know. I don't know how he makes any of these decisions. You want to go to Gulfstream with me. I'm gonna go now. Watch it. Live anyone and six thirty points. We should have occurrence. I'll go. Yeah. If you go, I'm in if you're in Bill six thirty at Gulfstream. Yeah, you have to pay to get in. Margaret down is definitely maybe. Okay, good. Mike, yet I'm shopping for golf clothes. The man wants more money. Eighteen lumber whole one. I can't wait for tomorrow there. Eighteen holes..

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