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The base of the spine to the crown of the head worth thousands of this. Ancient wisdom has been installed from master to disciple. What are the functions of these energy sentiments and cook. These chucked help you unlike lert destiny and find your purpose. Welcome to my center chart and now your host a giant kumar among what's up action drive each year host and founder my seven chuckers my seven chaka's dot com the place. Where we help you come your mind. Relax your nervous system and expedients the joy of being alive. Today's episode. We're going to talk about some really amazing and fascinating topics including importance of stretching out a boost immunity and how to really relax your nervous system so if you like to explore some of these topics are more in your car or even at your home to make sure that you hit the subscribe button especially if you are on your iphone. If you're on spotify you can just hit follow because what that does is it does something to the algorithm and it allows our show to go in front of more years are ice if you're watching ovidio stream but it promotes our show and allows us to spread our message right so make sure that you hit subscribe or you hit follow if you are on spotify. And if you'd like to join the official facebook group off our parkas the place where all the exclusive discussions happen where we do a lot of bradford and laura fun style go to my seven. Chaka's dot com forward slash tribe d. r. e. That's my seven. Chucker dot com forward slash tripe without being said..

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