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Energy dot com try five our tea today look for all three flavors by the cash register at your local T. A. and Petro shopping centers Atlanta's morning news with Scott played very precise concise and without bias everything's reported fairly and accurately the traffic and weather keeps us up to date I just got to start my day with got slightly this morning news get breaking news weather and traffic updates throughout the holiday weekend it Friday and early this morning news JB priest take coming up president of Washington DC independence day celebration and how much longer the heat wave could last occurred malicious five day forecast with the mornings for thirty till nine news ninety five five and A. N. seven fifty W. S. B. now but no now a quart of Mobil one full synthetic motor oil is just four ninety nine that's an amazing price for an amazingly good oil but don't wait too long this deal only lasts until July seventh so do something amazing for your ride get mobile one full synthetic for four ninety nine quality parts helpful people that snap and no Jenner states present sales press is not applicable state local taxes a recycling please limit twelve bottles for customer offer and seven seven nineteen it's a home fix it kept from Dave Baker brought to you by the home fix it page dot com there are five things every homeowner should know number one how do you shut off the water the water shut off at your house and it's one of the street find a boat know how to use number two how do you shut off your heating in their system the switch is generally found in the furnace in a usually resembles a light switch number three hi to shut down your electrical system no more the main breaker is it could be the second box or could be a disconnect outside older boxes may require turning off each breaker individually know how yours work and wars located number four where's the fire you should have working smoke detectors located in every sleeping room plus in the hallways and gathering rooms and number five how do I get out every resident in the house the snow the best and second best ways to get out of the house the home fix it pays dot com your site for how to do it what not to try and who to hire valuable information on the web at the whole big ship Bates dot com make an appointment to check out our new eight AM nonstop news feed on a lan is morning news anchor well this is updated five day forecast how much longer the heatwave can last on WSPA the WSB radio app all along on.

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