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Sum that up for us and good luck trying to yeah, you know, yeah, it's hard to really just put into words and to describe exactly what happened. But at halftime, we tried to instill belief in the team that we could still manage to find the result. And I told them after the match that the best part was is I could tell by the looks on their faces that I didn't have to convince them that they believed it. And I think the second half performance exemplified that. Even at three one down, the fans were kind of sensing that this is far from over. Weren't they? Yeah, I mean, listen, the swaying in the crowd. It's against mob mentality sometimes, you know, when things aren't going well, they all tend to find ways to be negative, but my message at halftime was don't worry about the mood of the crowd right now. Stay focused and disciplined on the way we want to play and we will find ourselves more and more into the match. And then we will find our goals and find a way to push it. The sad part was we made it even more difficult by going down three one, but the guy stuck with it. White. All right, herk, what do you make of what Jesse marsh had to say there? And do you think he's safe for the rest of the season after these big back to back wins? Oh no, no, he ain't safe. And he also ain't going to wait quietly. Mob mentality, he said, I thought that was a, hey, it's not the first time how the home fans have gotten after Jesse Marshall a couple times recently. Yes, but for Jesse marsh to acknowledge it like that and to place a little dig publicly is also telling. Now, listen, he's not safe, 'cause it's the Premier League and we're halfway through, right? There's still another half to play. He's 12th place right now, so that is safety. Yes, it

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