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If I'm sick, I'll still need to wash my hands through good hand hygiene and maintain that physical distancing because I don't know if that vaccine is actually going to pretend protect me from infection or just protect me from disease. You know, we've been hearing a lot lately about this UK variant of the virus. Can you talk a little bit about how concerned we should be about that, especially as more countries start reporting. Cases of this UK version of the virus, including Canada. Sure. So The first thing you need to realize is that stars Kobe to the virus that causes Coben 19 disease is an ARN a virus and the reason why that's important is all Arnie viruses mutate as they replicate and are transmitted. So that's a natural common occurrence. We expect that to happen. Most of these mutations have no important impacts on the virus at all, but they can sew the particular UK virus there. I've been 17 mutations or changes in the genetic code that have been identified in this particular virus. At least one of those mutations. The name's not important. It's called in 501. Why is occurring in a place in the spy protein where the spiked protein binds to the receptor in the human cell? And so the question is Does that seem to change transmissibility on there's some modeling data from the one in school of hygiene and tropical medicine to suggest maybe it does. There's also some deletions in that particular virus, which means that some of our diagnostic essays may miss the virus because of where they're looking at in the spike protein gene, So I think that may also be important. But we still need to wait and see how important these mutations actually are, if at all. No evidence to suggest that this virus is more burial into or deadly than the other viruses. Okay, But what about in terms of vaccine effectiveness? There were some questions around this Lisa Krieger that the UK strain Um, might that the vaccines might not be as effective against this UK strain? What are we hearing now? Or at least lately? If not heard that I will. And Dr Burke, an elaborate deputy of the messenger RNA vaccines is that you really can adapt them very quickly to combat the prevailing strange and you know, we've got that in our back pocket and Certainly possible. Do you know Dr Permite? My understanding is that the vaccines were presumed to be effective against on that straight All strains at this point. Yeah, no, that's my understanding as well. There are eight mutations reported in the spike protein of this new variant, but whether they have any effect on the vaccines at all, I'm not aware of any data to support that. I do know that both visor and Madonna are undertaking studies to look Get that so we should have those Those data soon. Let me go to collar John and Saratoga High, John Good morning and thank you so much for adjusting this important issue. I was just wondering, we know that people with mental health challenges are particularly vulnerable to the health effects of long term isolation. Which is with this with these lockdowns and pretty covert. We're already in a mental health crisis. It's been well documented suicide, an overdose. In those depths of despair have been on the rise for decades, and I just want to know What can be done to protect the vulnerable members of our population and those who worked directly with them, such as social workers, or even volunteers doing street outreach? If I could jump in minute, John terrific questions so glad you brought that up. There are are Some eloquent public comments made to the community working group to say not just physical illness, but mental illness. We need to include that as well. And I think That feedback will be enormously helpful is they're trying to decide within this one B group who deserves priority and your points Very well. Well taken. Yeah, it is a really interesting point, John, because Lisa I mean, it does sound like the prioritization has been kind of based on sector or age. A supposed to this and You know, James Tweets could be proposed amending category one veto and journalist from first Principles based on the optimal algorithm to prevent spreading the virus of this person is interested in in journalists. Can you just quickly explain for our listeners ways that they can wait in on this prioritization process when it comes to the vaccine, right? So if you go to the California Department public Health website and then just Google community work, it's called Community Vaccine Advisory Committee and you'll see a link to their site. And you'll see the public comments and then there's also a way that you can provide input. Now is the time they're meeting January 6th to review what would be a formal proposal by the drafting guidelines Workgroups. So now is the time and then and we'll move through these groups and then one B will have different tiers. And then, of course, one C and then then we could've phase one and phase two. I know it's complicated, you'll notice they're already companies like lift that have weighed in Amazon has weighed in Newspaper publishers have weighed in. I think we're currently and one sea of priority groups, but absolutely and then is to found referenced people working with disabled and then people's emotional illness. I'm not just physical illness. Laura writes. Immuno compromised an autoimmune patients cannot get live vaccine. So.

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