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Only. Jason Lee is the owner and CEO of innovations located in Sharon Massachusetts Good Morning Peter. How are you? I'm Eric How are you? I'm excited I mean, this is this is kind of out of the norm for our podcasts you you're bringing on Jason Good Morning Jason, how are you? Doing phenomenal. Thank you. And so so Peter. He's obviously he's the owner and CEO of innovations. Why did you bring him on the show today? Yeah, well. To me it speaks to to who I am and what I love and I thought it would be a great break from kind of the the the drudgery of the pandemic talk and financial talk as well. So it's It's May of twenty twenty and I've been a social distancing with my my lovely wife here in Sharon since early March and I must say it's been a scary time for for all of us. It's it's certainly lonely I miss family and friends. I get to talk to a lot of people at times. It's the four corners of my office I. IT feels a little boring and frustrating and exhausting, and and I will say fattening and maybe a little stress. So you know I'm tired of the the covid nineteen news I don't know about you but that's how I feel. And it may be a little tired of my neighborhood blocks. that. We do usually throughout the week and then adding to that distresses, March and April the weather here in New England has been pretty icky. It's now getting nice. We got some beautiful days ahead of us. So that's Nice I. It was just be a nice change of pace to have a discussion about wine in the business of wine, and so that's why we're doing this today absolutely and I'll tell you before the podcast started just for the listening audience Peter, and I were talking about my weekend project was I put in a huge firepit in my backyard, and so I'm going to sit back and listen because I want to hear all about wine and because when I was at the firepit I had a few drinks with some hotdogs in what goes well with hot dogs I'm. GonNa Learn today. All right guys taken over, Peter thanks. So I thought for our listeners I give a little background about. About, my experience and journey with wine I'm certainly not a collector I'm not an Aficionado I just love to taste I i. love having a glass of wine with. My wife or adult kids or family and friends and I think about it as a wind is part of an experience. and to me wine is part of the travel or the fine dining experience or just or just having dinner with people that I really care about So you know I think about breaking bread. Meaning a meal I think about opening a bottle of wine and and that's that that's It just gives me pleasure and so what I thought we would I don't consider myself to be a to be an expert at all and like a lot of what I do from a professional perspective I try to outsource. As much as possible and I recommend that to my clients I hire professionals like my charity, my my insurance.

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